Impossible Is Nothing: This Luxury Rental High Rise in Brooklyn Will Have Its Very Own Subway Entrance

Love it or not, Brooklyn is absolutely on fire. 

We've let you in on the ten most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the borough's most expensive apartment, and even those plans for Brooklyn's 1,000 foot tall luxury building.  

But this right here... this is some serious next-level luxury living.

Brooklyn Paper just revealed that the Ava DoBro tower on Downtown Brooklyn's Willoughby Street will have their very own New York City subway entrance, elevator, and stairway to the A, C, F, and R train's platform on Jay Street-- paid for by none other than the building's very own developers, Avalon Bay. 

And although this sounds like a very new amenity just only recently offered by today's booming luxury NYC apartments, Brooklyn Paper states this was the norm for many Brooklyn buildings of the past.

"There used to be one inside Macy’s on Fulton Mall, Borough Hall once led directly into the Brooklyn Municipal Building, and you can still access Atlantic Terminal from inside the Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower," Brooklyn Paper states.


via Brooklyn Paper

Now, if only more new Brooklyn buildings can make this is the norm, it might solve all that crowding along the L line, eh? Wishful thinking, we know...

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[via Brooklyn Paper]