Atoms Shoes Upgrade Urban City Exploration 👟

New York City is a jungle that the whole world wants to explore—and you happen to be living here. The city’s secrets scream to be discovered and you have the full ability to step into its offerings.

So as an urban explorer, you’ll need a shoe that supports that adventure.

Atoms, a shoe designed for the active urbanite, is a creative footwear masterpiece that understands the toll a city can take on a fresh pair of kicks.

man holding black Atoms shoe against white background

Fresh and clean. #wearatoms (via @wearatoms)

Your adventure in a pair of Atoms begins with slipping on your perfect-fitting pair. Their elastic laces allow you to easily slip them on and off… and they stay tied forever. Seriously.

Being comfortably agile in the Big Apple is a necessity, but staying fresh is imperative. One of Atoms’ strengths is their fluid style that fits with any outfit, classy or casual. It should feel good to look good.

Atoms’ comfortable breathable material is supported by a copper-lined sole, which helps reduce unwanted odors.

With Atoms, you also don’t have to worry if your new pair of shoes will match your potentially uneven feet, because when you choose a size with Atoms, they offer to send a quarter-size smaller and larger so that you can embrace your most natural fit.

For someone who wants to turn any day into an urban adventure, Atoms has created a shoe that keeps this concept intact. And what speaks more than words is the 39,000 people who signed up for the Atoms waitlist for their launch. The demand for their Model 000 sneaker was staggering from the start. 

And they finally made their big debut in New York, quintessentially representing itself in a city that most understands what it means to explore.

They launched their Atoms pop-up on 264 Elizabeth Street, Monday through Friday between 11 AM - 7 PM, and Saturday-Sunday between 11 AM - 8 PM, to cop a pair of the shoes that accelerate your A-game and create endless possibilities. The Atoms pop-up also hosts events featuring notable creators, such as New York Nico and Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York.

With a pair of Atoms laced up as your mode of transportation, you are well equipped to uncover all of the places that make you feel alive and ready to explore.

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