Has this happened to you yet? You've got your card in hand ready to swipe for your organic kale tea that was made by a guy in the mountains of California when all of a sudden you hear, "Okay, you can put it in now?"

Right before you're about to giggle you realize that they are serious and that swiping has been replaced by that little chip on your card. So, now you shove your card in and start drinking your tea feeling a bit more healthier and confused than before.

If you thought your transition from swipe to chip was weird, you haven't heard about what is going on with ATM's.

This October, ATM's across the country have to get upgraded to accommodate the new chip that is probably on your new card right now.

October 1st is the deadline for replacing. If they are not replaced, the old ATM could cause lots of trouble. Like being liable for counterfeit charges. So, many places have to act fast.

The problem? Well, like anything else in this world, it's the cost. You'd think after all those fees that many bars and bodegas would be able to replace their ATM's but the reality is that these things are expensive.

It could cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000 to upgrade these ATM's. About 10% of ATM's not owned by banks are expected to be thrown out because of how much it's gonna cost for some places.

So far, only 20% of ATM's throughout the country have been upgraded. Besides costs, time is also a big factor. Supply cannot keep up with demand leaving many worried that they will not make the October deadline.


It also seems that this might be the end of swiping. Just look at what is going to happen with your MetroCard in the future. No more swiping, swiper.  


In New York City it seems that everyone uses a card. Not having cash is a huge struggle for many. So, next time you want a margarita, you're gonna have dig deep in your bag or wallet or hope the bar listened to Beyonce and upgraded their ATM.

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[via Bloomberg] [Feature Image Courtesy DNAInfo]