New Yorkers are proud to know the nooks and crannies and hidden bodegas that make the best mixed drinks. 

It’s our duty to save out-of-town friends from paying $11 for ice water and a squirt of tequila at some tourist trap.

We love a good speakeasy, and lately it seems New York City has fully embraced the speakeasy renaissance

The Last Word will open its very (not really) secret door, provided you ring the buzzer “for assistance.”

We were psyched when Time Out reported this one opening up August 16th. Coincidence? We think not! 

After all, it’s #TuesdayBoozeDay (editor's note: originally reported on a Monday, Nick. Stop. Drinking. At. Work. For. The. Love. Of. God).

Like any good speakeasy, a front is the first essential element. The Last Word puts their unique twist on this with a hardware store exterior, and the window displays are sure to fool those casual glancers.


Of course, the speakeasy’s also got a nice attention to detail, by stamping its name on the ice cubes and twist peels. 

The storefront where you can’t get a screwdriver, but can probably get a screwdriver (editor’s note: stop trying so hard, Nick) is located at 31-30 Ditmars Blvd. 

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Time Out]