Return of the King: The Astor Place Cube Is Finally Coming Back to NYC This Wednesday!

Oh, Astor Place Cube, how we've missed you.

Astor Place has been under construction for what seems like forever now. Construction on what it is to be called Astor Plaza started up in 2013, but the cube has only been absent for 14 months.

That doesn't mean it hasn't left a cube shaped hole in our hearts.

The Astor Place Cube has been stored in a conservation facility in New Jersey for the past several months. However, on Wednesday it will be making its triumphant return.

While we did have someone dress up as the cube for Halloween, it just wasn't quite the same, and we'll all be relieved when this Astor Place staple is back where it belongs.

How can we be sure that the cube is back?

It's on the Astor Place construction schedule! 


The schedule clearly states that the re installation of the cube is set to be Wednesday, June 22nd, with the rain date being June 29th.


Maybe Astor Place will be a little less disorienting now that we'll have this staple back in place.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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