Hey, remember when we thought that the Astor Place Cube would be back in Spring 2016?

Or when we thought it was returning home in June? And then the month after that?

Just when we were ready to stop believing, a team returned Alamo back to its rightful place just yesterday.

That's right, you can actually go down and check it out yourself right now– we wouldn't blame you if you had to see it yourself to believe it considering how many times we were misled about its return the past summer.

The Cube was unceremoniously taken away from us in 2014 to renovate the public space, which included expanding four major plazas (The Alamo plaza, the subway plaza, Peter Cooper triangle, and the village plaza) and more seating.

We're not sure why New Yorkers are so attached to the Astor Place Cube, but beforehand, it had sat in its spot since 1967 after it was created by the artist Tony Rosenthal. 

It really wasn't even supposed to be there for that long, it was actually intended as a six-month installation but local residents successfully petitioned the city to keep the little guy around.


Well, realistically, New Yorkers would grow attached to a pile of trash on a street corner for more than a week if someone designated it "public art." That's just how we are.

If you're a post-2014 newcomer to NYC, you can check out what all the fuss is about downtown at Lafayette Street and 8th Street.

[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]