Art Meso Exhibition for Art and Fashion Coming to NYC This Weekend 🖼💃🏽

Art and fashion coming together is always an exciting and creative adventure. It sparks a celebration of imagination and curiosity in the guests. It's like an artistic cookies 'n' cream combination.

With this in mind, our anticipation is brewing for Art Meso La Genèse Exhibition, coming to Manhattan Jul 16-Aug 8th. Art Meso is an Atlanta-based, international art and traveling fashion exhibition featuring emerging national and international talent and artwork from around the world. It was only a matter of time before NYC had the honor to welcome an Art Meso. The Exhibition's host sponsor is ChaShaMa, which operates an artist residency program up in Pine Plains, NY.

Art Meso Founder Jennifer Sutton explains, “Our aim is to spark imagination and curiosity among visitors to our exhibitions, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to do so in New York.

Speaking about Art Meso's deep involvement with no-profits, she added, “While presenting bold interpretive-art and human experiences, Art Meso will also be giving back to the community throughout the exhibition with local and global non-profit organizations like Saprea and ONE Arte."

Saprea is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping survivors of child sexual abuse find healing, empowering caregivers to protect their kids, and raising awareness around an epidemic that, in the US alone, impacts 1 in 5 children.”

The art exhibition will take place at 1155 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY, and it will open Wednesday-Sunday and present a unique collision of high fashion runway productions with revolutionary human art.

Guests can expect a gallery-style, immersive exhibit featuring works by It-Spain, Jennifer Sutton, Ece Ozalp, Constanzia Yurashko, Andrea McKenzie, Tamara Gammon, Tony Trunzo, Nicholas Lucius, Alba Jimènez, Richard Iwanski, and more.

Tickets for this incredible experience can be purchased here.

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