The Art’s On You: Fashion Advice for Art Gallery Openings🎨💃👀

If you’re interested in the art scene, attending a gallery opening may be something you already do, but maybe not often enough. Openings are places to meet fellow aesthetes, art collectors, and often, the exhibiting artist themselves.

If you’re looking to dress-to-impress, finding a place to start may be difficult.

Here are some tips to nudge you in the right direction.


Your first step should be determining what type of crowd will be there. Your best bet is to look into the art itself. Who is the artist currently on display? What other artists are featured in the gallery? What artistic styles are represented by this gallery? All of these are questions to ask yourself when choosing an outfit. You don’t want to show up in an elegant dress to an opening with artists wearing buckets, hats, and sandals. Knowing what you’re in for prepares you for the type of night you’ll have.


Casual Feelings

Crowds of young artists tend to dress on the casual side. Wearing rompers and heeled sandals, or polos and slacks, and drinking rosé - Showcasing their adulthood, but without recreating the staunch rules of high society that can be found in the art world.

The showcased art makes a statement about society, so the artists tend to move away from the gaudiness and the exorbitant prices. They are there to have fun and present their art, so you should wear something fashionable yet comfortable. No need for the painful high heels or dress shoes. A small gallery featuring up-and-coming young artists doesn’t need to be fancy.

Elegant Showcase

However, maybe you’re looking for a place to show off your brand new dress, and your friend’s dinner parties aren’t luxurious enough to do that. That’s where the Chelsea neighborhood comes in. Famous for its diverse galleries, Chelsea has some of the fanciest openings in the city.

You may not need an invite but that doesn’t mean the guests aren’t their best-dressed. There’s no need to outdo Quavo or Rihanna's Met Gala outfits. It’s not something that you’d wear at the royal wedding, but maybe an ensemble closer to dinner at the Gramercy–something upscale to flaunt your exquisite tastes, nothing over the top.


Laidback Look

If the gallery you’re heading to is more of a community art outpost, then don’t worry about your clothes. It’s an event to have fun, showcase art, and get involved in your community. Either some trendier clothes or anything you’re comfortable wearing, no one here is going to judge!


For all of these events though, your fashion is your choice! You can always be a little bolder or a little more relaxed. Fashion moves in ways similar to the artwork you’re viewing; always changing, making a statement, and being true to the creators’ visions. Your outfit should do the same.


If you're interested in a little history about fashion read our article on nail art and NYC!

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