Oh, emoji. How we love and hate thee. We love the poop one, we hate that the correct plural form is emoji as though it were deer or fish. 

This fall, iOS 10 will bring over one hundred new and redesigned emoji to iPhone and iPad users.

The emoji Apple chose to feature on their website include a female detective, construction worker, weight lifter, and other athletes.

There are a dozen new professional emoji and about thirty new gender options for existing ones.

Also, the gun emoji is noticeably gone and replaced with a lime green water pistol. We're proud of you, Apple.

Their website update reads “Apple is working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.”

In iOS 10’s brand new messaging app, an emoji will now also be suggested based on what word you’re typing. On the emoji keyboard, words you have already typed will become highlighted if you can substitute them with emojis.

We’re sure the new iOS has other cool features too but they are less important than this rainbow flag. FINALLY. Now this is a real reason to download the update in September. 

Sorry to all the Android and Windows users out there, you’re just going to have to keep pretending to enjoy your off-brand emoji. 


[via techcrunch] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]