The future is now(ish).

2017 marks the 10th anniversary since Apple introduced the iPhone. A small piece of plastic, metal and magic that has changed the world. The jury is still out if the change was for the better or worse.

In true Apple fashion, the company is planning something big for the birthday of their favorite child: A surprise party that is sure to impress fans and shareholders. 

And in true Internet fashion, someone wants to spoil the surprise and leave us wanting for more.

John Gruber, host of the Daring Fireball podcast, has revealed that the new iPhone will look dramatically different from the one you have now.

Gruber who can only cite rumors and whispers in the wind said that "the entire face [of the iPhone] will be the display."

Gruber also backs up past rumors that the home screen button will be embedded on the phone and that the Touch ID fingerprint technology will also be a part of the display. 

The selfie-camera and speakers are all gonna be a part of this display screen as well.


Well, what does that mean for you? With all this screen maybe you'll get more money when you crack your phone and Apple wants to buy it back. That will make the six days waiting on line soooo worth it.

After ten years of people waiting on line for days and new chargers that don't fit old phones, it looks like Apple is still coming up with products that will make people go into a hysteria. 

Hopefully, this one will also be waterproof, have wireless charging, and somehow cooks a delightful meal.

Is it too early to wait on line?

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[via Business Insider] [Feature Image Courtesy Express]