Remember that weird apartment with a shower in the middle of its kitchen

Well it no longer looks as ugly and depressing as it once did, though it still has a shower in the middle of its kitchen... because, well #priorities, and the fact that it's downright impossible (and most likely illegal) to move plumbing in a rented apartment. 

Regardless, the depressing Chinatown apartment that once captivated the Internet actually found itself with the perfect quirky resident to make the space look, well, gorgeous. 

According to Bedford + Bowery, Brooke Lucas decided to jump on the $1,795, 300-square foot space on the fifth floor of a walk-up in Chinatown. 

As an Australian transplant, she told Bedford + Bowery, "I kind of had decided before I got here- I was like, unless it's like the worst place in the world, I'm gonna take it." 

"Then I kind of saw it and I was like, oh my god, this is going to be really weird. But it was so light and had a good energy and I just needed a place. And now I love it."

It takes a strong person to jump headfirst into a space as strange as this one, but a quirky creative genius to make it into the beautiful space it is today. 

Better yet, Lucas, a florist, works out of her tiny space. We would too if we had the know how to transform a space into something as beautiful as her new home. 

Just goes to show that there is really a person for every sad, lonely house to make it into a home. 


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[via Bedford and Bowery] [Feature Image Courtesy Bedford and Bowery ]