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Spring Lovin': 5 Apartment Must-Haves to Netflix & Chill This Spring in NYC

Spring is in the air! Everywhere you look around! Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you taste it? Can you--

Okay, okay, okay. We get it. You get it. It's spring. It's that beautiful, weirdly muggy time of year where all the flowers bloom, you get to shed some of those layers of clothes, and everything around you gets a little brighter and cleaner too. 

If you're lookin' to Netflix & Chill (because spring is gettin' sprung, duh), why not do it in style? 

Well... not on its own. Yeah, spring cleaning is still a thing you shouldn't exactly ignore, and it's not something that'll get done on its own. 

Yeah, as much as we'd like to pretend that Springtime ushers in its own crew of Snow White critters that come into our apartments and make sh*t sparkle, we have to remember that nothing happens that way. 


In fact, if you're currently seeing a team of singing squirrels sweeping your apartment floors, get out right now. Go see a doctor. You're having a bad trip, and yes, those animals want to kill you. 

On top of getting your apartment completely made over this spring, why not take the opportunity to give it a little extra oomph? 

If you're lookin' to Netflix & Chill (because spring is gettin' sprung, duh), why not do it in style? 

For that, we definitely got you. Check out these 5 must-haves for Springtime Netflix & Chillin' at your tiny, yet now completely dope New York City apartment. 

1. August Doorbell Cam


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Remember that scene from “Ferris Bueller’sDay Off” where Principal Ed Rooney rings Ferris’ doorbell and activates that pre-recorded tape of Ferris, supposedly upstairs in his sickbed? The August Doorbell Cam is kind of like that only much, much cooler (though Ferris does get points for old school style). 

With the August Doorbell Cam, not only will you get alerts every time someone rings the bell, you can speak to whoever’s at the door straight from your smartphone. 

Thanks to its one-way camera, though you can see them, they can’t see you, so you can even pretend you’re at home while you’re talking to them.

The August Doorbell Cam is also outfitted with a motion detector, so it can alert you if someone’s there even if they don’t ring the bell. Every interaction is recorded, so even if you miss them initially, you can easily see who came a-knocking. 

For even more control, you can pair your Doorbell Cam with the August Smart Lock to let people in from wherever you are. Yup. Ferris would’ve loved this.

2. Amazon Echo


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You’re a boss. And what do bosses need? People under them who know how to listen. We’re not talking about your Minx: Alex Morgan look-a-like assistant, because you can’t take her home with you (well, you’re not supposed to anyway). 

We’re talking about Alexa, aka the heart, soul and voice of theAmazon Echo ($179.99).

The Amazon Echo looks like a regular old cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, but it doesn’t just pump out music with premium sound—it listens to your every command. 

Here’s an example. You connect the Echo to any of your Bluetooth devices, or just take advantage of what it already has—Amazon Prime Music, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. Then you scream, “Alexa! Play Kanye!” And she will. Not really sure what you want to listen to? 

Alexa can make decisions for you. Just scream, “Alexa! Play hip hop!” And she will.

But Alexa’s functionality goes way beyond music. She can create to-do lists for you, link to your Google calendar, report sports scores and the weather, and even order stuff from Amazon if you’re a Prime member. 

3. Ray Super Remote


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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Ray Super Remote and it really does have ‘super’ powers, replacing every remote in your house in one slick, smart little package. 

And though the idea of a universal remote is nothing new, the Ray Super Remote takes the concept to new heights, with easy set-up, a sophisticated interface and compatibility with thousands of devices.

The Ray connects to your equipment in minutes, without the use of a computer or cables. Just connect to your WiFi, link to yourTV provider and devices and that’s it. 

Now, just a simple tap on Ray’s capacitive touch screen gives you control over everything, making it easy to search and watch your favorite shows and movies. Ray gives you access to tons of apps, and it can even recommend new content for you, based on your viewing history. Super, indeed.

4. August Smart Lock


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Putting your Paradiso Telluride Estate on Airbnb? We’ve got a great way to give your guests access without actually handing over a set of keys or leaving them under a rock. It’s the August Smart Lock ($200), and it turns your smartphone (and anybody else’s) into a smart key.

Sleekly designed, the August Smart Lock fits over your door’s existing hardware and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. 

Once installed, along with the free August App, you have the power to create virtual keys for friends and guests, and even control exactly when they have access, whether it’s a specific date and time or over the course of a few minutes, hours, days or weeks. 

An activity log is on duty 24/7, keeping track of exactly who’s coming and going.

The Auto-Lock and Auto -Unlock feature automatically locks the door behind you and unlocks it as you get closer, like a car with Keyless Entry. Got an Apple Watch? You can unlock your door with that too, as well as check out your activity log and get instant notifications. 

The August Smart Lock also works in tandem with other cool goodies and accessories, like a remote, Smart Keypad and the August Doorbell Cam. Smart.

5. Bluetooth speakers


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Sure, the fact that you can take your floating speaker into the hot tub with you is pretty amazing stuff (listening to Katy Perry while you’re actually talking to Katy Perry? Amazing.). But the Fluance Fi70 ($500) takes wireless speakers to a new height all together. 

First of all, it’s the first wireless speaker ever to house dual 8-inch drivers. Second, it’s got a hole in it and third, it’s ginormous, so as you might have guessed, it’s not portable.

This magnum Bluetooth speaker packs a powerful integrated 280-watt amplifier and six-speaker configuration, which includes dual 8-inch subwoofers. 

It’s got great bass response starting as low as 30Hz, and it can stream music from Spotify, Pandora, iTunes or your own music library so loudly it’ll boom shake, shake, shake, shake the room (yes that was a Will Smith reference, and sorry).

The Fi70 also has an AM/FM radio, adjustable EQ, touch controls, an LED display, alarm clock and USB ports to charge your devices. Oh, and it looks purdy too, with a hand-crafted cabinet made of audio-grade wood. So maybe after your hot tub session, you and Katy might want to move the party inside.

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