Check Out These Brand New Renderings of How Anthony Bourdain's Massive Food Market Will Look

So can we just fast forward to 2017 at this point or what? (For those of who who don't know, that's the scheduled opening for Anthony Bourdain's massive food market, Pier 57.) 

We've been dropping any and all details that have been made available about Bourdain's 155,000 square foot, open-air international food hall, and now there's this. 

Bourdain Market's Instagram and Facebook pages have now posted three artist renderings of what this oasis (which will be situated on the Hudson River) should look like, and it's everything we've ever imagined. 


Check out these beautiful Insta-photos out below. Can't. Hardly. Wait. (Apparently, neither can Governor Cuomo.) 

bourdainmarket Artist rendering of a portion of the market • Stephen Alesch @romanandwilliams • #BourdainMarket

bourdainmarket artist rendering of a portion of #bourdainmarket, art by @romanandwilliams #aleschart

bourdainmarket artist rendering of a portion of #bourdainmarket, art by @romanandwilliams #aleschart

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