Target has been busy buying up property in NYC this year. 

Remember how Queens got another Target last month? And do you recall that they’re opening another location this October in Tribeca?

Apparently, we need another one in the East Village.

The big box behemoth will take over part of a property running from 500 to 524 East 14th Street, right by Avenue A.

DNA info reports that everybody’s favorite bougie Wal-Mart retailer has set their sights on opening in the summer of 2018, so you’ve got time to save up for all their “locally relevant” offerings.

By that, they mean it’ll be the usual merch mish-mash of clothes, food, tech, and “urban” decor.

We have no idea what they mean by urban decor, but we do not think it means what they think it means. 

Extell Developments seeks a second retailer for the lot, and btw, Target selling food might not be the neighborly thing to do.


Records revealed last month that Extell Developments got Target to sign on the line which is dotted, and Trader Joe’s might not be far behind.

The grocery outlet has been in talks with Extell about another lot at the location, but no word if Extell has secured them as the second retailer.


via DNAinfo

There’s also going to be 160 apartments up for grabs, 32 of which are below market rate. Living beneath a Target might be annoying AF, but a Trader Joe's... 

Well, we'll give that some serious thought. Shopping for groceries would definitely be more convenient. 

[via DNAInfo] [Feature Image Courtesy DNAInfo]