Kids these Anniversary Days...

Did you notice the unholy amount of children on the subway today? Did you forget one of the best days of your childhood already? Well, we are sure a lot of people did too.

Going to school in New York City is unlike anywhere else. There was nothing better than ending an incredibly hot day with a piragua with your friends. 

Today, kids can have one of the treats right after lunch if they care to, they practically run the city today.

Anniversary Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of June. 

On this day, kids have off of school because of an old tradition that was started in 1829.

Why? Why do kids get special treatment? They've got so much to live for, yet they contribute absolutely nothing! Like, we know you're only 11, nephew, but get a job!

Slow your roll, old-timers. You were kids once too. 

According to the Queens Public Library, the day is used to remember the founding of the first Sunday School on Long Island. The first parade was in 1829 in Brooklyn. 


In 1959, Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller signed a bill at the request of the Queens Federation of Churches permitting children in Queens and Kings counties to have off from school.

So, it's no wonder why many call this day "Brooklyn-Queens Day."

Since 2006, kids everywhere across the city have celebrated Anniversary Day by just being kids. 

Enjoy that taste of summer vacation because waiting for the last day of school is going to be brutal now. 

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