We New Yorkers cant catch a break, first the MTA, now Amtrak.

Sick of delays at Penn Station making you late for work? Well get used to it, commuters, because these delays will go on for another six weeks.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that those who rely on Penn Station for their daily commutes should anticipate a "summer of hell," as work on the transit hub would lead to reduced service and regular delays over the course of six weeks.

According to TimeOut NY, Amtrak will be running slower and with a lot of new changes to accommodate the workers that will be fixing the tracks.

There NYC goes again, making impatient New Yorkers late for that 9 to 5 that they already despise.

So far, no one knows exactly what new changes will take place at Penn Station, but what we do know is that it's going to piss us all off. Let's just say, we don't know what a couple months could do for that trash heap that would make a drastic improvement.

Here's a little good news for whoever has already booked tickets to certain places with a changed schedule due to the construction, Amtrak will personally contact you to notify you about which routes you might have to change, just to make your travels a lot easier.


Well, there's the silver lining!


So New York what do you say, wake up extra early to catch your train or lose your job? Awesome choices.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY]