Mother's Day is a special time of year when we can give back to our moms for all that they've done for us, and more importantly, all the crap we've made them put up with over the years. 

From the sobbing phone calls after a minor fender bender to our bratty middle school years, we've put our moms through it all. 

So, it's time we shower her with kind words, love, and of course, material goods. 

Exactly how much are we spending on our moms? 

Well, according to data gathered by, Americans dropped $30.3 billion dollars on Mother's Day this past weekend. 


On average, each American is estimated to have spent $124 on their mom, with sons having spent almost double what daughters spend ($177 and $97 respectively). 


(Perhaps making up for all the Sundays they promised they'd call, while daughters feel slightly less inclined to drop serious dough, due to their daily communication with mom? Just throwing out possibilities. Not for us to say. But here we are saying it.)

Turns out, Millennials were the most generous (take that, Millennial haters!), spending $296 on average. Generation X spent $137, and Baby Boomers clocked in last, spending $41. 

To be fair, though, this is probably due to their parents being, you know, not around anymore. 


Unsurprisingly, those with higher incomes spent more on Mother's Day, with lower incomes spending the least. 

Wondering how it broke down state by state? New Yorkers ranked in second place as the most generous by spending $225 on average, losing this prestigious title to the state of Texas, who dropped $248. Oregon was the cheapest, spending only $30 on  mom this year. 

Come on, Oregon. You can do better.

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