Are we about to witness the greatest food fight in history?

There is no shortage of restaurants in New York City, and with that comes no shortage of food delivery services as well.

The latest contender to throw their chef's hat into the ring is a heavyweight. Someone who has beat the odds time after time. We are, of course, talking about the Amazon.

Amazon has launched its new free food delivery service for its Amazon Prime members called Prime Now.

With over 350 Manhattan restaurants already on board, there is no lack of support for this new service. 

Amazon must be feeling pretty confident going toe-to-toe with anyone having Momofuku Milk Bar, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, and John's of Bleecker Street (who never did delivery before), all in its corner.

This could turn into a real slobberknocker with UberEATS already on the ropes and lower tier services like Seamless and with Grubhub looking like they are throwing phantom punches

Amazon looks like it may win by unanimous decision.


But, maybe it's too early to tell if Amazon's service is a clear knockout. 

If there is one thing these delivery services can learn from New York City restaurants is that many barely make it to the second round while others are constantly saved by the bell.

In order to be the champ in this city, you better not pull your punches. You gotta float like buttered roll and sting like a beef wellington.

Good luck, Amazon. We just heard the bell. Go get 'em.

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]