Happy Amazon Prime Day!

Every year hordes of people swarm to their favorite department store on Black Friday. They don't feel tired, even though they just had more turkey and gravy then they'd like to admit. Rather, adrenaline and great sales propel them to become animals.

But, Black Friday might become a thing of the past very soon. It's the Internet Age and you can order toilet paper to your house from your bathroom with the push of a button. So, how do you get deals that will make you never want to stampede again? Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day is when the site rolls out eye-poppin' deals that are going to make you squirm with delight, and have your wallet lovin' you too.

So, how do you get these deals? 

Well, that's super easy, you just need an Amazon Prime account and some faith that you're gonna snag your dream product. 

Need a Amazon Prime account? Try a free 30-day trial here.

1. Go to Amazon

No need to deal with the uncomfortable heat of the subways, you can buy your dreams on your tablet, phone or computer today.


Get to Amazon here.

2. Set reminders for great deals to come


You're gonna wanna make sure you don't miss out on some awesome deals today. The best way to do so is by setting a reminder through Amazon about the deals they are unveiling throughout the day.

The best way to set reminders is by going here.

3. Play the Amazon Prime Day waiting game


Today is about patience and payoff. Everyone is going to find a great deal and a great product they have always wanted, or never knew how much they wanted. So, wait a bit and get ready to save, NYC.


You're gonna probably find something awesome right now if you check out Amazon.

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