So, we're still waiting for that brick and mortar Amazon bookstore we were promised at Hudson Yards, but Amazon has been making moves all over the city.

Since we basically buy all of our sh*t from Amazon already anyway, why wouldn't we start buying our groceries from them?

Amazon has been slowly working their way into selling consumables starting with Fresh, their food delivery service, which was open in Seattle for six years before it was expanded into Boston, San Francisco, and New York.

Since then, Fresh's annual price has been lowered to $299, and it's offered to Amazon Prime members for $15 a month.

Seattle has also already got their bookstore so chances are, we should keep an eye out for a grocery store opening over there before expecting one of our own in NYC.

They are also looking to create curbside pickup locations which, along with the stores, would provide subscribers of Fresh even more ways to get their groceries; this would also appeal to customers who prefer choosing their own goods (some apples are just WEIRD, okay?)

We're not sure how Amazon's stores would really differentiate themselves from like, the place on the corner in a significant enough way that would drag New Yorkers by the masses from their local spots, but curbside pickup does sound pretty dope. 


As reported by The Real Deal, groceries make up about 1/5th of all consumer spending, and Walmart controls 17.3 percent market share of the United States' grocery sales (nearly $140 billion in revenue), so Amazon would be directly competing with the corporate giant.


Walmart too has expanded into its own pickup sites so we're just gonna have to see them battle it out.

[via TheRealDeal] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]