We're all about Amazon. From delivering charger cords to our company's President (who may or may not be hoarding them), to streaming great movies and original series like Catastrophe and Transparent, Amazon has made life wildly more convenient than we thought possible. 

But now they've taken it to another level. 

Amazon has just released a series of devices that allow you to quickly reorder items like Trojan condoms and Doritos at the push of a button, which is pretty much the most American invention to ever happen.

80 of these new "Dash Buttons" are now available for Prime members for only $4.99 each, and can be stuck onto surfaces like a refrigerator or kitchen counter top.

This is only the beginning for Amazon's push for increased convenience in ordering. 

In addition to their new Echo speaker (which allows customers to order products via voice commands), they are currently working with Brita to create a re-ordering service for water filters.

A lot of people consider these new innovations gimmicky, but Amazon insists that convenient and time-efficient ordering is the way of the future.


It'll be interesting to see what else the company comes up with.

How can it get more convenient than this?


via Recode

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