These Amazing Baking Kits Deliver Everything You Need to Get Your Betty Crocker On

If you've ever baked anything, you know how much time goes into prepping ingredients. And following directions to a T. And making sure you know the right temperature. And the list goes on and on.

Red Velvet NYC aims to make that much easier. Think of them as the Blue Apron of baking; it will save you tons of time and effort.

The company acts much like other food delivery services, sending ingredients in a giant package along with thorough instructions. 

The dry ingredients are pre-measured and come in conveniently labeled bags, for the most clueless of bakers among us (consider my hand raised).

Now for those of you who do already bake, you may be wondering why it pays to pay for a subscription service like this when you've already got the skill. Maybe you need to churn out something quickly and don't have all the ingredients, or you want to improve skills with recipes you haven't tried before.

Either way, there are different levels of difficulty, so whatever your skill level, theres always room to improve. And as a bonus, you get to choose the dessert you get, unlike some subscription boxes where they send you whatever they offer that week.

In addition to the actual ingredients and recipe, they send cupcake liners for cupcakes, toothpicks to test for readiness, and even a bag for piping frosting– if frosting is a part of the recipe.


The only thing they don't send you are the actual baking tins and measuring cups/spoons, but they do offer them for sale on the site

And if you have a baker friend, you can gift her a baking set with mitts, bakeware, or even a recipe of their own to make. Options include Flourless Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, or Crème Caramel– and these do come with the tins to match.

I was able to try my hand at the Lemon Cupcakes, and the recipe instructions could not have been easier to follow. That's not to say the recipe was easy by any means. There were a ton of steps including candying lemons (?), and soaking the cupcakes in the extra juice.

The recipe, which was marked "moderate," however, was a huge hit! Everyone who tasted them loved the flavor, and it may have even garnered me a few new Instagram followers. Win-win.

So next time you've got a birthday coming up and don't want to buy tons of ingredients, or don't have time to measure things out yourself, this service is definitely the one to help you out.

From various cupcakes, to Brioche Bread Pudding, to Tortes and Tarts, Red Velvet has you covered. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Ashley Steinberg] 

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