Break a Sweat with 10 Out-of-the-Box Fitness Classes 💦💪

It’s been a long winter. Now, it’s time to shed off that insulation and get back in the flow of things for summer– the fun way!

Instead of spending time outdoors in the snow or stuck on the treadmill at the gym, try a fitness class. Learn new skills, push your limits, and test your cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility all while having a great time. 

No worries, these aren’t your parents’ aerobics classes. From group indoor surfing, to trampoline workouts, to yoga with kittens, there’s something to get everyone moving. 

So grab a water bottle and your sneakers and get ready to feel the burn, and while you’re at it, why not meet some friends?

SURFSETNYC (64 E 4th St)

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Surfing? In New York City? Yup. SURFSETNYC brings the ocean to the city with surf-inspired fitness. From SURFSET Newbie to SURFSET Yoga to cardio-focused SURFSET Burn, there is definitely something for everyone. 

To make this work, land-based surfboards are used to mimic the instability of being in the water. These unique surf-inspired workouts, that include components of cardio, strength, and balance, challenge new muscles and your core.

trampoLEAN (37 W 26th St)

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As your muscles contract and relax with each bounce, trampoLEAN offers a full-body fitness program. 

The low-impact workouts are gentle on joints, yet burn fat crazy. Studies show that rebounding is 50% more efficient in burning fat than running. 

The workouts include blends of jump-based exercises, elastics, and lifting weights. Along with weightlessness, be prepared to experience a sweat-filled class you’ll be jumping to take again!

New York Studio of Irish Step Dance (48 W 68th St)

ny_irish_dance Last month’s photo shoot was so much fun! A big thanks to all our participating students! And check out our new website redesign with thanks to @lalawojo:

For the dancers, why not ditch Zumba for the week and try out an Irish Step Dancing class? This studio focuses on fun and fitness, rather than on stressful competitions. These challenging yet fun workouts are open to all ages and all levels any time of the year. 

The New York Studio of Irish Step Dancing offers both group and private classes. The studio also hosts several outings such as dance performances, dinner outings, sports games, BBQs, festivals, pumpkin picking, and more! 

Aerial Arts NYC (235 E 49th St)

aerialartsnyc Wanna see @anniethorkildsen spin and bend herself in half some more?! Join us at the Second Annual Summer Student Showcase THIS SATURDAY 8/19 at 7pm. $10 at the door, no reservation required. #seeyouthere . . . . #aerialartsnyc #aanyc #lyra #aerialhoop #aerialist #contortionist #showcase #circusschool #circusstrong #flexibility #foottohead #circuseverydamnday

We all wanted to try an Aerial Class at one point in our lives. Well, there's nothing holding you back now. 

Head over to Aerial Arts NYC for hour-long classes and learn new skills, perfect your technique, and gain flexibility, all while getting in a workout. 

With a maximum of 5-6 students per class, you are sure to enjoy each apparatus. Whether you want to try a silks, rope, lyra, straps, hammock, or trapeze class, gain flexibility and build muscle as well as have a great time!

Row House (269 W. 23rd St) 

rowhousenyc THIS SATURDAY: Strap in for a 2K test. 1 PM at Columbus Circle and 3 PM at Chelsea. #ThoseWhoKnowRow #RowHouseNYC

Burn over 800 calories per workout in this engaging workout. Work your upper and lower body as well as your core. With every stroke you take, expect to work over 85% of your muscles! 

Just like the trampoline classes at trampoLEAN, these rowing classes are low-impact with low risk of injury. Whether you decide to take RH Full Body, HIIT, Sculpt, Restore, Competition, Launch, or Tune-Up, you can always look forward to getting in a rewarding workout at Row House!

Throwback Fitness (230 W 39th St)

throwbackfit Join the #TBFFamily and get your first unlimited month for $149! DM us or hit link in bio to get set up

Everyday is Thursday at Throwback Fitness. Think recess or summer camp. These nostalgic classes feature cornhole, dodgeball, capture the flag, and all your favorite childhood playground games for some old-school fitness. 

These unique and intense full-body workouts are engaging, interactive, and competitive. Not only does the studio offer indoor classes, but also outdoor field-day inspired activities like tug-of-war, water gun fights, and more on warmer days.

The Cliffs at LIC (11-11 44th Dr, Queens)

thecliffslic PSA: the bouldering buddha will be closed tonight for the lady+ crushers clinic from 7:15-8:15!

The Indoor School at The Cliffs offers class series in toprope, bouldering, sport lead, and GetOutDoors to assist in transitioning “from gym to crag”. 

The 1.5 hour classes range from beginner to Get Out classes which are the last steps before making the trip to the Red River Gorge! Not only do these classes offer a great workout indoors, but also a new skill to apply outdoors when it warms up!

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp (240 Wythe Ave)

warriorfitnessbootcamp We go hard! #warrior #GetSome

You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in an hour at classes at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp. Monkey bars, climbing ropes, hurdles, and obstacles courses will take you back to the old days while HIIT, circuit training, functional training, and stretching will get your heart racing and blood pumping. 

Not to mention, Warrior Fitness Boot Camp offers kid classes too. Now kids will never be an excuse for not hitting up the gym.

AQUA Studio (78 Franklin St) 

aquastudiony It’s never too late to make that New Year’s Resolution. Get your fresh start, link in bio ✨

Regular spin class got too boring? Take it to the next level with underwater spinning at AQUA Studio. 

Why underwater? Pedaling underwater against water resistance is much more challenging than on land. However, it is also more gentle on your joints. 

You can burn up to 800 calories a class, but wait, There’s more! There is no sweat involved! 

Meow Parlour (46 Hester St)

meowparlour We'll close early today for a Yoga & Kitties session with @amy_yogini at 6:30pm! The class is full tonight but you can sign up online for sessions in May 😸 #adoptdontshop #kittykindcats #yogawithcats #yogacats #meowparlour #catcafe #nyc

For the cat lovers out there, join the Meow Parlour for a Yoga & Kitties class. Yes, you read that right. The Meow Parlour hosts 45-minute Vinyasa flow on Wednesdays and Thursdays at a cat cafe. 

The sessions include 30 minutes for check-in and cat playtime, 45 minutes of yoga, and 15 minutes of cooling down with the cats! Just a reminder, these cats are ready for adoption. The purrfect way to bond with a kitty!

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