President Clinton officially declared June as "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" in 2000. 

President Obama followed suit and declared the month "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month" annually throughout both of his terms. 

You know what President Trump has done? 

Absolutely nothing. I mean are we even surprised at this point?

As a response to Trump breaking the tradition, Thomas Shim and his collaborators decided to paper the subway system with guerrilla Pride Month posters. The posters read "No bigotry, hatred, and prejudice at this station".

Even though they didn't get a clearance from the MTA (which the MTA is usually pretty strict about), the transportation company has yet to meet the activists with opposition. Wow, MTA, we're proud of you.

In the darkest underground areas of NYC, Shim claims he "...want[s] people to feel when people see these posters, they understand that this is a safe space".


In addition to the 200 MTA-inspired posters, they've also created large rainbow flags that have been hung up under the American flag. 

You can follow the pride train project on Instagram


We'll be sure to update you on more Pride Month happenings. Because it IS Pride Month, regardless of what the president says... or doesn't say, in this case. Stay tuned!

[Feature Image Courtesy OutBuzz] [via Gothamist]