So the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn is actually, seriously opening its doors this Friday, October 25th, and we're pretty hyped. 

We've already mentioned the in theater bar, House of Wax, seems more than a little bit creepy but just you wait, we had no idea.

If you'd describe your #aesthetic as Coney Island meets Hot Topic, this bar will be the creeptastic utopia of your teenage Tim Burton phase dreams.

The House of Wax Museum & Cocktails, as reported by Gothamist, will feature detailed recreations of death masks, diseased body parts, birth models, and "other depictions," which doesn't sound promising– or does, depending if you're into it.

Most of the objects were remains from a popular exhibition called Castan's Panopticum, which was founded in Berlin in 1869. Panoptica remained popular through the early 20th century. 

According to the intro in House of Wax's menu, "panoptica's sensational, shocking and sometimes morbid qualities were clear commercial calculation on the part of entrepreneurs whose livelihoods depended on drawing the largest possible paying audience."

So basically, these shows were IRL clickbait.

Gothamist's Scott Heins describes the vibe pretty succinctly, "I have never encountered so many vintage wax vulvas before." As people who have never countered a single wax vulva, vintage or contemporary, this is pretty intriguing. We never knew we were missing out.


If you're still thinking this sounds pretty tame, don't worry bad*ss, there is also an "adult" section that houses the most NSFW figures behind a velvet curtain.

You can look forward to genital and birth abnormalities, and STDs– so it'll be like high school health, except you won't have homework from another class to finish.

Moving on to the food and drinks, if you're chill eating and drinking around this stuff, the bar has a pretty dope beer selection, and they serve a pretty wide range of cocktails that are named as colorfully as you'd expect– examples including "Butcher of Hanover" and "Lolita Nymph."


They also have a menu of bar food that includes Truffle Parmesan Popcorn, Chili Lime Cerveza Nuts, and a few more filling options like hot dogs and flatbreads.

Don't forget, this place is actually in the movie theater, but it definitely seems like a visit here is a show all on its own.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]