What the hell is a New York minute anymore? It seems like we've been waiting forever and a day for Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse to actually open.

No, really. We have.

The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn has been said to be “opening in August." It is now August 25th.

Well, the Drafthouse has come out with an update for patient (getting-not-so-patient) fans: soon!

Although they know they’ve said this before, they believe this is definitely a more realistic “soon” than their previous ones. 

They’ve come to terms with the unmatched complexity of opening a business in New York City, and have readjusted their expected opening date.

Keep your ears open for the opening announcement! 

Which they still unfortunately do not yet have set. BUT they promise to send word once they are ready.

We must say, the theater looks pretty freaking good so far for “not ready."







[via Drafthouse ] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]