Buying airline tickets! It’s a thing we hate to do but if we're ever gonna catch a break from this cesspool– we mean, our beautiful city, then it's a necessity.

Nothing sucks your bank account dry quite like a plane trip.

But the suckage level’s going to be plummeting soon, according to one travel app.

Time Out reports that ticket prices for the fall are predicted to fall 8.2%.

Hopper, which is a dope-ass travel app (Apple awarded it the best travel app of 2015, so yeah) predicts that starting in October, ticket prices will drop to a low average of $213.

And that’s just for vacations you book in October. The prices are also predicted to sink even lower during the winter months, to $210 tickets in January.

Hopper’s chief data scientist Patrick Surrey recently published this report that laid out the dirty deets of how you can save big-time over the next few months. 


“Although airfare has been falling, the correlation between airfare and fuel prices has diverged somewhat since 2015, suggesting that airlines might still have room to discount based on fuel cost savings,” says Surrey in summary.

So if you miss out on buying your tickets during October (or even during the fall), no sweat. You’ve got at least until January. 


Sure, we're praying to all the gods that the sun leaves us the hell alone rn but we have a feeling we'll be singing a different tune once we get a few inches (or feet?) of snow in a couple months. 

Don't pretend you wouldn't be thankful for a beach escape that doesn't break your bank when that time comes. Check out the Hopper app right here.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]