Airbnb is trying not to check out of New York City.

Airbnb, the start-up company that is less than 10 years old, is known all over the world. The company wants to make it easier for people to find a place to stay when vacationing or traveling by having other people rent out their homes and apartments.

For incredibly obvious reasons, NYC is Airbnb's biggest markets. But, it looks like Airbnb is facing strong opposition from lawmakers.

The New York Senate has passed a bill which does not allow online apartment listings that last under 30 days. 

Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo can either turn the bill into a law or veto it.

The bill was created in part because of the city's multiple dwelling laws that were put in place in 2010 to stop landlords from buying apartments and turning them into illegal hotels.

If the bill does become a law, Airbnb predicts that 31,000 New Yorkers could face greater risk of foreclosure and eviction. 

First time violators could be fined up to $1,000, and if you get caught three times, violators could face a $7,500 fee.


Opponents of Airbnb cite the dangers and lack of community some residents may feel with a constant change of people in their buildings. 

Some New Yorkers are even making over $100,000 illegally through the service. Somewhat recently, a landlord tried to evict tenants who turned a three-bedroom apartment into a ten-bedroom mini-hotel.

Many other cities have demonstrated that Airbnb can successfully work within their city. It is quite baffling that New York is still at war with the company that has become a household name. 

We can only imagine how long this fight will las,t but we hope that both sides have a nice place to rest for the next round.

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[via TechCrunch] [Feature Image Courtesy The Verge]