In Honor of #TBT: We're Seriously Giving Away a Pair of Air Jordan IV Pinnacles... Just Because.

It's been a minute since we said anything about basketball. Of course, we're in the climactic stages of the NBA playoffs, and that's not something New York City has been accustomed to in nearly 20 years. 

Shots fired? Not really. It just comes with the territory when you're building a team around 3-and-Zero-D "I'm Still in the Prime of My Career, I Promise" Car-Meh-lo Anthony. 

THAT's how you fire shots. But unlike Melo's game, that's a relatively high-percentage shot we're prepared to follow, and then sprint back to the other end of the floor and defend. 

But what's worse than Melo's overpriced underachievement? No, it's not the Brooklyn Nets. Okay, well, it definitely is, but worse even? 

American Sports Factory of Sadness, the city of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Now, we don't want to rake Cleveland through the coals of the internet too much. They do that on their own with zero professional sports championships since 1964. 

That's not for lack of trying, though. They just always come up short. 

Just ask LeBron. 

But before you go to LeBron, go back in time a little further and ask Craig Ehlo about "The Shot," May 7th, 1989. Count it. It's over. Cavs get knocked out after MJ drops 44, Ehlo goes down; stays down, cries himself to sleep, remembers the moment for the rest of his life. It's history.  


From "The Shot," came the shoe - this shoe, the one we've teamed up with Headlines & Heroes to give you, right HERE, the Air Jordan "Pinnacle" IV, released in 1989, and designed by Tinker Hatfield. 

While we don't want to dwell too much longer on the sadness of the Cleveland Cavaliers, we can always remember this moment with these exclusive kicks because one of the most iconic Air Jordan silhouettes just got revamped with some premium materials. 

The “Pinnacle” IVs feature reptile-like tumbled leather and pony hair. Much like the Air Jordan III, the IV also has a visible air pocket in the heel. Oh, and the Air Jordan IV was also featured in Spike Lee’s timeless classic, Do The Right Thing.


Headlines & Heroes

This Air Jordan IV released at the modest price of $400. It now goes for more than $600 on the resale market. But that's ridiculous! Why drop $600 on a show you can win these shoes right this second?

You can't talk basketball without talkin' sneakers because, and you can't talk sneakers without talking the moments that brought them. These are just a tribute to the original NBA mic drop. 

It's an iconic style built around a legendary moment; shoes fit for legends, not just high-paid scrubs with big market profiles. Legends; people who actually know a thing or two about winning.

Everybody loves Air Jordan's, but nobody wants to stand in a ridiculous line just to get their hands on an exclusive pair of shoes somebody's definitely prepared to fight you for right then and there. 

Enter to Win These Exclusive Air Jordan 'Pinnacle' IV's Right Here. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]