Hopefully, everyone can take a vacation from New York City, even the U.S.A. at least once. 

Yeah, gotta love NYC, but it's a lot more shiny once you leave and come back. It's like a palette cleanser.

Air Berlin is making your trip abroad more possible than ever with some seriously insane deals.

As reported by Thrillist, a two night round-trip ticket from JFK to Milan is $439 right now. Damn.

A few other attractive trips out of JFK are an 8 night stay in Geneva, Switzerland for $464 and a 6 night stay in Munich, Germany for $481. 

So if you've been planning to go to Europe, or you've wanted to, the time is definitely right now.

The best deals won't show up on Google Flights, so you should visit their website directly.


And if you're stuck visiting family during the holiday season, it's cool– get an early start planning your spring break since the deals run through May 2017. 

They're not as cheap but as an example, the flight to Milan is still below $500.



[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]