Sometimes American capitalism sucks, especially for NYC's small businesses. 

Our beloved mom-and-pop shops and free market underdogs seem to be closing at an alarming rate. We can only speculate why (we're looking at you rent-hiking landlords).

One of these shops happens to be A.I. Friedman, an art supply store that's been around since before your parents were even born. 

The 18th Street speciality shop provides artists and art students with supplies that aren't mass-produced like the Michael's or Blick's inventory. 

With so many others closed (Pearl Pain, New York Central Art Supply and Lee’s Art Shop), A.I. Friedman seems to be facing that very same fate. 

The store is set to close April 30th, according to the The New York Post.

The last remaining independent art supply stores include DaVinci Artist Supply and Soho Art Materials. 


Competition has been brutal between art supply retailers lately, with Blick taking up much of the market share. They already have 7 stores in New York alone. 

Although the store hasn't officially stated the reason for their closure, industry insiders believe they couldn't pay their vendors and survive the stiff competition. 


We'll be sad to see A.I. Friedman go. Be sure to shop local ya'll!

[Feature Image Courtesy] [via Curbed NY]