Get your typing fingers ready. You're going to need to apply for the sickest apartment rental deal that's hit New York City in a very long time.

If your income fits the application's parameters, why wouldn't you apply for NYC's affordable housing?

Sure, a ton of people are going to apply, and the odds of getting the apartment are low. But the person who's going to get this apartment is currently being told that the odds are low.

We're really amped up about the apartments at 21 Commercial Street in Greenpoint. They've got 92 affordable units you can apply for, all of which include access to a fitness room, a live-in super, and an onsite laundry facility.

From studios at $494 a month, to two-bedrooms at $1,025 a month, you could do much worse. Plus, if you fill out the NYC Housing Connect application now, you'll only have to press a single button to apply for deals like this in the future.

If you are going to apply for this apartment, hoping to save yourself tons of money all the time, you have to do it by February 3rd.

Here are the income requirements: for the $494 studio, you have to earn between $18,309 and $24,000 per year. There are 18 $788 studios available too, for which you have to earn between $28,389 and $36,000 per year.


For the $532 per month, one-bedroom units at 21 Commercial Street, of which there are five, you have to earn between $19,646 and $24,200 to apply. 

There are 18 one-bedroom apartments available to $847 per month. This application is open to people who earn between $30,446 and $36,300 a year.

Finally, there are two sets of two-bedroom apartments. One costs $647 a month, and if you're applying with another person, you have to earn between $23,623 and $27,640 between the two of you.


For the $1,025 per month two-bedroom, you must earn between $36,583 and $41,460 among the two of you to apply.

Like we said, if your income falls within these limits, why not apply? What do you have to lose? Plus, you could gain a really sick, really inexpensive apartment. Apply here.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a sweet deal on any other apartment in Brooklyn where you won't get burned by some bum of a broker with their hand in your pocket, check out the Oliver app here.


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