Who remembers summer camp? Many of us have gone either for a few days, or most of the summer and came back with fond memories and mosquito bites to show our parents who may or may not have capitalized on alone time.

Now all of a sudden you have a younger sibling. Great camp memories, right? The sun, the bunk beds, the archery, the booze-

Wait, the booze?! At this camp, fuck yes.

Camp No Counselors is an all-inclusive summer camp for adults.

Yeah, no kids allowed or needed to have yet another escapade. Or surprise baby siblings.

And before you start your eye rolling, this camp does provide the camp activities you enjoyed as a kid but with some things tailored to adults.

Like the open bar with every meal.


Can you imagine that? Hot dogs and fries... but with tequila? Plus there will be themed dance parties with live DJs in the nighttime. 

Camp prices run from $525–$699. We know that sounds a bit steep considering that your visit is a few days instead of weeks. But the price includes your room, which is a bunk bed, along with food, activities, and plenty of liquor.


You can register for any of the open dates here! Send us pictures (sfw though!).

[via TimeOut NY][Feature Image Courtesy CampNoCounselors.Myshopify]