Still not over the rainbow are you, New York City?

What happens when you combine a delicious rainbow with a beautiful doughnut? Oh, wait... 

What happens when you combine a delicious doughnut with a beautiful rainbow? Magic!

Alfonso's Pastry Shoppe in Staten Island is the latest spot to blend marvelous rainbows into delicious treats creating a work of beauty.

With the Italian flag colors infused with layers of raspberry jelly and encased by a chocolate that gives a subtle crunch, Alfonso's has found a winner by all accounts.

These magical doughnuts have only been around for six months, and in true rare rainbow-sighting fashion, you can only get them on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

So, when you do go to get them make sure you get two for that double-rainbow feeling of euphoria.

Check out this video showing the mouth-watering making of these spellbinding sweets.


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[via SILive] [Feature Image Courtesy YouTube]