Nowadays, it seems like a trip to the movies will put you back at least $20 (more if you add in the fake butter-saturated popcorn). 

One theater bucking the inflation trend is Cinemart Cinemas in Forest Hills. 

According to their Facebook page, the theater is planning on installing 'VIP luxury seating better than ones [where] you pay $20 per ticket plus double the price on concessions,' but keeping their ticket price at $9, which includes a free popcorn.

Cinemart Cinemas will be closing for a month beginning today, April 25th to install the beautiful new seats. 

For almost 90 years, Cinemart Cinemas was the cheap cinematic treat for those looking to catch a film without blowing their paychecks. 

Apart from keeping prices at $9 ($6 for kids and seniors), the theater is right near Eddie's Sweet Shop, giving couples and families a place to snack for cheap before or after their film. 

Unfortunately, moviegoers will have to find another theater until Cinemart Cinemas reopens on May 25th with luxury reclining seats. 

After reopening, the theater will continue to perform cosmetic changes at night, preparing it for the theater's 90th birthday. 



Via Cinemart Cinemas

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[via Cinemart Cinemas] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]