The dog days are far from over.

How many times this week have you cranked that AC to full blast and gently led your body to the bathroom tiles? More than enough, right? 

It seems that the heat just won't quit in New York City and practically squatting in Duane Reade for a couple hours doesn't change the fact that eventually you have to go outside and face that dreaded sun again. Now, it looks like the indoors are the only safe place to be this weekend.

Heat waves have come and gone in NYC, but this weekend we are getting a heat dome where, because there is so much high pressure in the atmosphere, the heat will actually create a dome filled with, you guessed it, hot air.

Expect mid to high 90's all weekend with the strong possibility of hitting up all these bars that are perfect for this awful weather. 

You can also find us at these pools trying to remember why we love the summer so much before instantly remembering why.

We cannot stress enough that this is gonna be a brutal weekend so please, for the love of Yeezus, stay indoors, check on neighbors, and don't forget about your four-legged friends. 


If you do take them out for a (very quick) walk, remember to curb them, too. No one wants to deal with that mess on a 90+ degree day.

So, we know you love a hot weekend, but trust us, this is one where you're just gonna wanna do nothing. Except drink tequila. Because Sunday is National Tequila Day. So, stay under a fan. Made of tequila. 

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[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Time Out]