9 Can’t-Miss Vendors You Gotta Check Out at BK’s HUGE DeKalb Market Hall

Years later, it’s FINALLY opened. 

This absolutely monstrous new hall (60,000 square feet) is located in the City Point multiplex, neighboring the Alamo Drafthouse, Target, and the soon-to-be Trader Joe’s.

This food hall is home to 40 vendors currently, with more to be added as time goes on. And all of them are obviously outstanding. 

But since figuring out a place to eat is already difficult enough, we’ve narrowed it down to a select group of places that are non-negotiable. 

You can either follow this list, or just go in blindly and see what amazing food you can find. 

You’re guaranteed to find at least one thing that sets your tastebuds ablaze. Happy eating! 

1. Ample Hills 

amplehills Get your sundae with twist. Dark Chocolate and Double Vanilla on top of a warm brownie with lots of fun toppings. Soft serve available at our Vanderbilt shop. #twist #sundaysundae

This NYC creamery is dazzling and delightful, mainly due to its creative flavor ideas and names. But the atmosphere is never subpar, especially when nearly everyone around you is smiling into their colorful topping-heavy ice cream cones! 


2. Belle Cheese

belle_cheese Wednesday has you feeling a little nutty? Try this fig and almond cake paired with a classic Manchego -- a sure bet for a Wednesday. #artisancheese #bellecheese #cheese #eatcheese #eatnyc #brooklyn #newyorkcity #dekalbmarkethall #manchego #fig #figandalmond #sweet #nutty #wednesday #bklyneats #toasty #morecheese #morecheeseplease

In the mood for a quick trip around the world? Check out Belle Cheese, and try some delectable cheeses, spreads and all things that compliment these delicious snacks! 

3. Dulcinea

dulcineanyc Thank you @bkfoodiedude ! We are so happy to be part of @dekalbmarkethall with our first brick and mortar! @Regrann from @bkfoodiedude - Mmmmm, churro doughnuts. Grabbed me a pb&j one from @dulcineanyc at the brand new DeKalb Market Hall, and no matter what happens the rest of today, it will go down as an easy win. Grab one now and make your day a guaranteed victory! #churros #churro #doughnutgram #donut #doughnut #doughnutporn #churrodonut #dekalbmarkethall #dekalbmarket #dessert #dessertgram #sugar #sugarcrash #pbandj #peanutbutterandjelly #nyc #nyceats #nycfat #eatingnyc #eeeeeats #eatingfortheinsta #newforkcity #nom #nomnomnom #saturyay #saturdaymotivation #tasty #foodgasm #instafood #foodstagram

Dulcinea has some ridiculously sweet and beautiful desserts from cinnamon churro/doughnut holes (stuffed with dulce de leche creme, OMFG) to colorful churro ice cream sandwiches. This is a hard MUST. 

4. Fletcher’s

fletchersbklyn Brisket sandwich, neat.

For any charred-meat lover, Fletcher’s is for you. This brilliant Brooklyn smokehouse cooks up some of the best ribs, brisket, wings and SO much more. Make sure to check them out for a super savory dish. 

5. Guss’ Pickles 

half_sour Guss where I'll be stopping for my next batch of brine...(Hello, sweet & spicy #picklebacks!) 🙌🏼

Branded as “Imitated But Never Duplicated,” Guss’ Pickles are simply that–one-of-a-kind. Come to DeKalb for a few things, but make sure you absolutely stop by Guss’. Unless, of course, you’re one of those non-humans that hates pickles.

6. Katz’s Deli

katzsdeli 🧀Who wants a Katz's cheesesteak with extra cheese to cure your Monday blues?! #foodporn #foodie #food #cheesesteak #cheese #cheesey #cheeseplease #yum #sandwich #les #lowereastside #nyc #katz #katzs #katzsdelicatessen #katzdelicatessen #katzdeli #katzsdeli #deli #delicatessen

Katz’s is a classic spot to visit at DeKalb, so make sure that even if you don’t eat there when you visit, you at least have to get a cheesesteak (with extra cheese) to go!

7. Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab

kottidoner Now available in New York!

If you’ve never had authentic German food, you should probably check out Kotti’s as part of this food market. It’s essentially Berlin in Brooklyn, and the Kotti Special will be sure to turn your tastebuds ON. 

8. Pierogi Boys

pierogiboys Thanks @brooklynmagazine ✌️ #pierogi #pierogiboys #dekalbmarkethall #pierogis #polishfood #nyc #brooklyn #newyork

Here at Pierogi Boys, you can watch these scrumptious Polish stuffed dumplings being made in front of you in real time. And with more stuffed options than you might think of, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re extra hungry when visiting DeKalb!

9. Wikiwiki 

wikiwikinomnom Sick of those gimmicky poké bowls popping up all over manhattan? Try the Hawaiian real deal at @dekalbmarkethall ~ Opening soon! 📸: @valrizzo

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And of course, there’s authentic Hawaiian comfort food. With so many poke bowl creations in NYC, it’s easy to just be one of the rest. But Wikiwiki is a super authentic Hawaiian food beyond the average borders of the ocean reefs. Come by, and try some unforgettably fresh delights! 

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