9 Things You've Come to Expect from New Roommates Thanks to Your Old Sh*tty Ones

When you first move in with someone, especially if that someone is your friend, you would think that everything would be perfect.

The scene will play out like one giant year-long sleepover, you two will braid each other’s' hair and paint each other's toenails, gossiping until the early morning and sipping hot coffee on your porch as you watch the sun come up. 

Well, my friend, you would be wrong.

Although it may start out this way, the little quirks you never really noticed about your roommate will slowly turn into the bane of your existence.

Such is the case when you move in with someone you're already good friends with. You know all of their character quirks and defects from first-hand experience. 

Their living habits? Well, those are only from the pains of experience (as is any living situation), but compound those issues with what you already know about them? Sh*t's hard. 

Overall, your BFF might not be your best choice for a roommate. That's how you stay friends. 

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1. Toothpaste will become an issue


If you are the type of person who neatly squeezes, rolls, and caps the toothpaste after every brush, rest assured, your roommate will squeeze the toothpaste's middle, leaving a shriveled mess of a handprint, and leave the cap on the other side of the sink. 

Or down the drain. 

There will likely be toothpaste coating the inside of your sink that you will feel disgustingly obligated to scrape off the next morning.

2. They won’t take out the trash

If today you decide to let your roommate take out the trash, be warned, it will still be there the tomorrow. Only tomorrow it will be surrounded by a little hum of flies. 

You will take the garbage out yourself, just as you would have the day before, and nothing will have been accomplished. 

You will fume, you will yell, and you will get nowhere, because your roommate will not change. But remember, just because your roommate is trash doesn’t mean you have to live in it.

3. The fridge will start creating its own mushrooms

Leftovers are a thing of the past, but they will last forever in your fridge. 

You notice weird smells when you grab your milk for coffee in the morning, and that will be because of the Chinese food your roommate begged you to order with her two weeks ago. This takes you a while to realize, of course, because it’s now green.

4. There will never be toilet paper


Somehow, whenever you have to rush to the bathroom after your weekly– and very heavy –trek to Chipotle, there will be no toilet paper in the bathroom. 


This is the worst case scenario. You will lean as far as you can to check the cabinets without falling off the toilet, but to your dismay there will be nothing there. 

This is where you have to get creative, and that’s all we’ll say. 

Don’t bother bitching about it to your mate, because they were “just about to go buy some!”

(Or, in the okay-case-scenario, your roommate will have bought one-ply toilet paper that you have to roll six times to ensure your hand maintains its original color.)

5. They will involve you in sex that you’re not actually having

Nothing is worse than coming home from class and walking in to hear your roommate moaning to the slow beat of "Motivation."

You can try putting in your earphones and blasting the extremely upbeat songs you only use for cardio, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling the bangs and vibrations that radiate through the entire apartment.

6. The dishes stay dirty

They don’t wash their dishes immediately after they use them, like you had originally discussed in the beginning of the year, because they’re “too busy” with “class” and “errands”. Their favorite game has become seeing how long it takes for you to yell at them about it every week.

7. Cleaning? What?

Your roommate conveniently “forgets” to clean the beer they spilled when they had friends over last night, and now it’s a sticky mess that a bulk-pack team of Swiffer and Clorox couldn’t get through.

Luckily, Roomi helps find roommates that aren't miserable people. It keeps you away from bots, spammers, scammers, and generally terrible people. Download Roomi and find someone worth living with. 

8. They're really good at eating your food

After realizing that they actually have to look after themselves in college, your roommate comes back from a school break having learned how to cook. 


Goodbye to all the boxes of mac and cheese (that haven’t quite made it into the garbage). 

Hello, non-stick pans that have now suddenly become all-stick, because your roommate forgot to turn off the stove. 

Hello, smells that reek to high heaven because your roommate decided to close all the windows while they cooked with copious amounts of garlic. 

Hello, disposable dishes that you’ll now need to buy because your roommate started using the real plates. 

Which brings us to the next point.

9. They hog the bathroom―especially when all you need to get is your deodorant and you're already late for class


You plan your morning out perfectly: wake up at 9, appreciate your bed until 9:15, bathroom until 9:30, breakfast by 9:45, and class at 10. 

So, naturally, you make your way to the bathroom at 9:15 and your roommate rushes to get in there before you. 

You breathe a bit, remind yourself that it’s still early, and start on coffee instead – and she’s still not out. Because of her you now have to change your morning routine completely and rush to class with unwashed hair and prickly legs. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Men's Health] 

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