Tryin' to Chill Out for 3 Days? 9 Best Things for a Relaxing Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

Oh hey, Summer. Is that you? FINALLY? Cool, thanks for showing up. Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. 

The warm weather seems to have made an appearance for good (FINGERS CROSSED), and just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Thank God. 

And while we'll definitely be taking advantage of this glorious weather this weekend, we're not sure that we're entirely ready for all that the summer heat brings. The sweat, the one non air-conditioned subway car we always seem to find ourselves in, the general frustration. 

It might just be a bit too much.

Which is why we're more than happy to take a break from summer festivities to escape to our air conditioned homes and binge watch our favorite shows or read our favorite books.

It's a totally respectable way to spend your weekend, even if it is Memorial Day.

Read on to discover all the TV, movies, music, and books we'll be obsessing over this weekend. 

1. Bloodline

Netflix is pretty much killing it right now. We don't want to jinx it, but it seems they can do no wrong with their original series. 

Bloodline, the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated series, is no exception; it's back and better than ever. We love a good family drama, and this show certainly caters to that.


It also features some pretty spectacular acting from Ben Mendelsohn, who plays the oldest son in the Rayburn family, and the main cause of turmoil amongst them in season 1. Of course, Kyle Chandler is always great, so there's that. 

Season 2 premieres this weekend, so make sure to shirk all responsibilities and binge watch the entire thing from the comfort of your newly air-conditioned apartment. 

2. Golden State Warriors 'bout to get wrecked

They're alive!!! Yes, the Golden State Warriors are still alive, but for how much longer? Oklahoma City played like sh*t that keeps getting karate kicked by the class bully. 

But the series is heading back to Oklahoma for Game 6, and it's sort of safe to say that it's not AS colossal a failure for the Dubs if they lose a Conference Finals series 4-2 after setting what will probably be a longstanding, damn near unbreakable regular season wins record. 

Just kidding. It still looks bad. Tune in on Saturday at 9 p.m. 

Oh, Cleveland and Toronto are playing, but like, Kevin Love looks dumb, Kyrie's a colander on defense, and Drake's Views can't touch Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book, so like, Toronto: you still suck as long as Drake's around, and Cleveland: you still suck as long as you're in Ohio.

3. Preacher

It appears as if the comic book craze sweeping film and television won't be slowing down anytime soon. Which we're actually okay with, because most of it is turning out to be pretty dope.

The new AMC series Preacher, based on the DC Comics series of the same name, explores the life of a preacher with a sordid past through dark humor and somewhat bizarre cinematography. It's not the kind of thing you'd expect from Seth Rogen, one of the show's producers, but it's working nonetheless. 

The series' second episode is set to air June 5th, but in the meantime, you can catch up on the pilot episode, which was met with rave reviews. 

4. X-Men: Days of Future Past

We're big believers in Rotten Tomatoes. It gets tricky when you hit the low 60s. Anything between the low 50s and low 60s is hit-or-miss. You might find something rightly disappointing, or you might find a hidden gem that was rated too low. X-Men Apocalypse is sittin' at a hard 47% for the weekend.


That's a hard pass. So if you're prepping for another disappointing comic book movie, check out Days of Future Past on HBO Now or HBO Go. If you've never seen it, it's cool. If this is the third or fourth time, maybe stop what you're doing altogether. It's not that re-watchable. 

5. Game of Thrones 


YOO! GAME OF THRONES WAS LIT. Regrettably, we should have done a recap. Depending on how this week goes, we'll likely do a big recap of the last two, especially if things move forward with certain things. Vague? Absolutely. 

Last week we lost Hodor, the Three-Eyed Raven, and Summer. Bran the Man's got no legs and one friend. Things are not looking good. Everything's looking primed and ready to pop-off these last few weeks. 

Who knows what will happen, but it's possible this week could be a down one devoted to Arya. We're not mad at that idea, but it'd be nice to see her leave that house of Black & White. 


6. All the Way 

By now, we're pretty used to films being brought to the Broadway stage (hello Frozen, American Psycho, Anastasia, etc etc etc). But the other way around? Not so much.

This political drama, based on Robert Schenkkan's Broadway play of the same name, delves into Lyndon B. Johnson's transition into presidency following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 


Both the play and this HBO special star Bryan Cranston, who we all know is a brilliant genius. He certainly brings his A game to the role and it's not one to miss, especially during Memorial Day weekend. 

7. Meg Mac 

If you would like to be serenaded by an actual angel, please do yourself a favor and listen to Meg Mac's self-titled EP on repeat. It's precisely what we've been doing all week in preparation for her upcoming Gov Ball performance. 

Meg Mac is an Australian singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself by creating an impressive internet following and touring with acts such as Clean Bandit. Her voice, lyrics, and incredibly soulful sound will have you falling in love with her upon first listen, guaranteed.

We're also deeply obsessed with her cover of Broods' "Bridges", which we highly recommend as the soundtrack for your weekend festivities, or you know, the rest of your earthly existence.

8. Holly Miranda

Speaking of badass lady musicians, there's Holly Miranda. She's been on the music scene for nearly 15 years now, so there's essentially no excuse for not listening to her, but we will find it in our hearts to forgive you.

As your penance, you can spend your weekend listening to her EP, Party Quirks, a collection of gorgeous covers that Miranda totally makes her own. Our personal fav is her rendition of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home", which Drake would hardly recognize, but undoubtedly respect. 


You can also catch her at Gov Ball this year - be on the lookout for our interview with her about the festival and much more. 

9. Cities I've Never Lived In 


What are books? How can you expect us to read something longer than 140 characters? Just kidding. We know what some people still read actual books. (Right? RIGHT?) 

But even if your attention span is growing shorter with every Snapchat update, do not fret, because short stories are a thing. Although, we would probably read 8,000 consecutive pages if they were written by Sara Majka. 

Her book, Cities I've Never Lived In, is a collection of stories about a recently divorced woman, and is nothing short of stunning. And better yet, it is centered around New York City, this place we love/hate so, so much. 

We know you'll be busy with Memorial Day festivities this weekend, but trust us, once you pick up this book, you won't be able to stop. 

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