Wetness All Around Us! 9 Things Worth Braving the Rain This Weekend in NYC

We know we were psyched that the summer was over but we didn't exaaaactly think that it would get this chilly and this rainy... this fast. 

So okay, we know you want to stay inside and binge Luke Cage. We're with you there.

But seriously, guys, this weekend is filled with sooo many festivals– check the list, you're bound to be hyped about one.

Luke Cage will be there on Monday, we promise.

Go grab a disposable poncho at the Duane Reade on the corner and get ready to turn. it. up! 

Friday - September 30th

2016 DUMBO Dance Festival (September 29th - October 2nd)


Celebrate the best of contemporary dance with four nights and three days of performances. There will be dances performed by over 70 dance troupes and 300 performing artists will be showcasing their work.

Grab tickets to the opening gala here; the rest of the festival performances are free/ pay-what-you-will but RSVP for the events here.

Saturday - October 1st

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival


UMMM have we not given you enough reasons to go to The Meadows? TBH, the food is reason enough.

Unfortunately Sunday tickets have already sold out so, sorry, no Kanye West for you. Don't miss out on The Weeknd, J. Cole, and more on Saturday! The 2-day grand-scale festival will kick off at Citi Field; the party's actually already started and will continue at these dope afterparties.

Check out the full lineup + buy tickets here

“Deconstruction” – Patrick Eugène 


Brooklyn-based Haitian-American painter, Patrick Eugène focuses on social, cultural, and societal issues. Using vibrant colors and raw emotions, his work reflects the harsh reality of our times. We actually had a chance to discuss his work with him; check it out here.

“Deconstruction,” is an exhibition that addresses the cultural deforestation and impact of gentrification in his hometown of East New York, Brooklyn. Select pieces from the series have been on display at the Brooklyn Arts Fellowship since September 8th. RSVP for the closing reception here.

The Lagunitas Beer Circus 

This is the first year that this Beer Circus hits Brooklyn. Head down to the MCU Stadium lot in Coney Island to, direct quote, "see things you can't un-see." Can you resist?

Don't miss some dope live music featuring 4 different bands, "freaktacular" performers, your first beer, and some souvenir swaaaag.

Grab your tickets here. The proceeds will benefit The Alliance of Coney Island.

NYC Craft Coffee Festival 


Did you miss the New York Coffee Festival and International Coffee Day? This is your redemption!

At this immersive coffee experience, you'll get to sampled 20 roasters and coffee shops to a live soundtrack provided by the event's venue Villain, which is at 50 North 3rd Street in Williamsburg.

Snag your tix here.

Chile Pepper Festival


Feel the bern– no, burn (sorry, it's a habit now) at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this October.

This festival, celebrating your favorite fiery fruits– yeah, according to Wikipedia, Chile Peppers are fruit, so let us know if that changed– will feature tastings from 62 artisanal food vendors.

You'll be able to sample a variety of hot sauces, chile-chocolate (YAS), some other sweets, salsas, and pickled spicy treats like kimchi.

There will also be musical performances from 6 "scorching" global bands– listen to some clips over at their website. Grab your tickets here, they're $20 each but if you have a student ID, they're $15.

Sunday - October 2nd

Oktoberfest New York


Held at Watermark (Pier 15), Oktoberfest New York aims to capture the spirit of a traditional Oktoberfest in Munich! Live music, German food and beer, face painting, games, and a view of the Brooklyn skyline...not too shabby folks!

Oh, and admission for this event is FREE! Now grab a stein and strap on that pair of lederhosen I KNOW you've got laying around.

Pier 15 is located at 78 South Street, New York, New York.

The Roots NYC Picnic Festival 

We know you're sad you missed out on Kanye's headlining day at The Meadows. It's okay, we got you. It’s a well-known fact that The Roots are one of the finest groups out here in NYC, on late-night or otherwise.

They’ve assembled a stupendous weekend featuring tons of talented musicians, and it’s going down October 1st and 2nd in Bryant Park.

You’ve missed out on grabbing tickets for Saturday, and that’s no excuse for missing out on getting them for Sunday.

Hello - An Adele Tribute 


If you don't appreciate Adele, than you are NOT IN MY DEMO! I repeat NOT IN MY DEMO. No child left behind though so: IDK how's that new Kevin James show? Do you like it? CAN Kevin wait??? Wow, good for us this is #important #cuttingedge #journalism

You should see this show because, DUH seeing an actual Adele show is too GD expensive! This one is $12! And instead of dealing with huge crowds at Madison Square Garden, get cozy at Greenwich Village's Cafe Wha? - a legendary nightclub that helped start the careers of performers such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

Taking the stage to celebrate Queen Adele are NYC performers Ashley Menard (Carnegie Hall, The Apollo), Elysse Yulo (The Femme Fends, How To Grow Up), and more!

Cafe Wha? is located at 115 MacDougal Street, New York New York.

[Feature Image Courtesy MusicVideoTop] 

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