Donut Worry, Be Happy! 9 Best Spots to Celebrate National Donut Day in NYC

One of the happiest days of the year is almost upon us- National Donut Day! National Donut Day falls on Friday, June 2nd and celebrates all things doughy, fried and covered in sugar.

As we've seen these past few years, not all donuts are created equal. Places like Underwest Donuts and Dough are changing the game with chains quick to follow. Can you say Chocolate pudding flavor? How about the ones with hibiscus. So many choices!

And truly, what better represents American ideals than fried foods and some freebies?

Doughnut lovers around NYC can rejoice in celebration of their favorite sweet doughy treats. Hint, hint- some are even giving away special flavors and freebies.

So whip out your Google maps and plan your Donut bakery crawl so you can hit all these amazing locales and celebrate right. Let's give these underrated desserts the praise they deserve.

1. Krispy Kreme

krispykreme The Hot Light is on - and fresh, amazing doughnuts are waiting on you. 😍

This iconic donut place, though not exactly a New York staple, is firmly planted in our culture. Especially if you frequent Penn Station. And we have a feeling the lines here will be longer than usual as they're giving away a free donut of your choice.


You heard right. You pick the flavor and they fork it over free of charge.

2. Dunkin' Donuts

dunkindonuts Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate? 🍩Can’t go wrong! πŸ€—Any of these could be yours for FREE on #NationalDonutDay tomorrow 6/2 with any beverage purchase! πŸŽ‰πŸ©πŸ€— (πŸ“Έ: @coffeeandchampagne)

Not quite as great as Krispy Kreme's deal, DD can reliably be found on about every other corner in NYC and has a huge variety of flavors.

Plus, they have a deal of their own. Get any classic donut of your choice for free when you purchase a beverage. Be honest, haven't you been dying to try their new frozen coffee and see how they could have replaced the coolata?

3. Dough

doughdoughnuts Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day. Don't forget to get your Box of Doughnuts. πŸ“· by @lindsaypaulen @spoonuniversity #doughbrooklyn #doughdoughnuts #doughnuts #donuts #doughnyc #nationaldoughnutday #nationaldonutday #hibiscus #cafeaulait #plainglazed

While they don't offer anything for free, you're going to want to stop in for a visit at one of NYC's most prominent and creative donut spot for their Doughnut Day special flavors- White Chocolate Matcha and Chocolate peanut with Candied Popcorn.

We're talking one day only people, so get a move on!

4. Doughnuttery

doughnuttery Spotted a #doughnut rainbow on this rainy day. @chelseamarketny @turnstylenyc @theplazahotel

These mini delights can be found in the food mecca that is Chelsea Market and come in some pretty interesting flavors like PBCP (Peanut Butter, Cayenne, Pretzel), and Urban Monkey (Coffee, Banana, Coconut) and classics like Mulled Apple Cider.

Plus, they're tiny and bite-sized, which is always more fun to eat.

5. Doughnut Plant

doughnutplant Book club box of beauties #doughnutplant | πŸ“· by @foodiemuse

Doughnut Plant can be found throughout NYC and its iconic variety of doughnut types makes it perfect for any foodie. Don't like the familiar yeasty doughnut? Do-nut worry. They've got cake doughnuts too, and they're fillings are next level.

And on National Donut Day, they're giving away free Carnival Sprinkles mini cake doughnuts.

6. Donut Pub

donutbar Get your sprinkle on TONIGHT!!! It's the start of our new SUMMER HOURS! We are now OPEN EVERY THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY NIGHT!! 🍩🍦🍻#DonutBar #bestdonutsintheworld #SanDiego #DTSD @runrocknroll #rocknrollmarathon

This classic donut spot serves up a wall full of options in an old-school looking setting. But they're options are anything but old-school. Their menu includes Croissant Donuts, Filled Donuts, Donut Rings, Special Donuts and more. They even have their own version of mini donuts called Little Dippers.

8. Underwest Donuts

underwestdonuts πŸ’Have you heard the sweet news?!?πŸ’We are partnering up with @sendurbanstems tomorrow for National Donut Day🍩You will be able to add a box of 4 donuts to your flower order all day!! Show someone you care how sweet you think they really areπŸ˜‹#underwestdonuts #urbanstems #eeeeeats #zagat #eater #eaterny #eattheworld #forkyeah #huffposttaste #buzzfeed #buzzfeedfood #TODAYfood #foodnetwork #foodandwine #bonappetit #feedfeed #f52grams #cheatdayeats #hungrygrls #nyceeeeeats #sugarcakepie

The gas station sensation that is Underwest definitely deserves a donut day mention. Their variety of sugar and glazed donuts have gained acclaim for the unconventional place they began their journey.


They now also have a new location right outside the incredibly traffic-laden Penn Station, so you can grab them right off the train or take one to help you get through the crazy LIRR trip.

9. Du's Donuts

dus_donuts Happy Memorial Day! We're just over here working on our summer bodies (and by that we mean eating all 6 of these donuts) πŸ“Έ @eggcanvas

From the master gastronomer behind the now-closed WD-50, comes a wonderland of donut dreams come true. Their flavors sometimes vary by day, but you can count on the originality level kicking up to 100.

They've got stuff like Pistachio Pink Lemonade and Kaffir Corn Crullers, which elevate your typical flavor with deliciously whimsical twists. This new spot is not to be missed

With all these options, is there really any excuse not to celebrate National Donut Day?

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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