Waffles are a gift in and of themselves. Whether for dinner, dessert, or hangover cure extraordinaire, waffles are always there for us. Their versatility gives us even more reason to celebrate the delectable dough formation.

They say August 24th is "National Waffle Day," but what we hear is, “Treat yo' self!” 

This magnificent day also just happens to be at the tail end of bikini season―a mistake? We think not. 

So if a national holiday for waffles wasn’t enough of a reason, there’s that. 

But you can’t just get any old waffle to pay homage to what might possibly be the best invention in the world. You need one that tips the glorious-ness scale, which means whipped cream, berries, ice cream, Nutella, pork chops (just wait)...whatever you fancy. 

The possibilities for waffle-dressing are endless– and we love that.

So, what’s better than a waffle? A pimped out waffle, that’s what. Here are 9 spots in New York City where you can get the waffle of your dreams to pay due diligence to the beautiful brunch food that is... the waffle.

1. Root & Bone (200 East 3rd Street)

Get a serving of Southern charm with their buckwheat cheddar waffle, and go all in when you top it with the signature fried chicken in white or dark meat to adorn that delicious waffle base. 


If that wasn’t enough, they’ve concocted a waffle benedict as well. So bring a waffle partner-in-crime, order one of each, and share. Genius? We think so.

2. Tom’s Restaurant (782 Washington Avenue)


What’s a bling-ed out waffle list without a classic diner mention? This Brooklyn staple offers a Belgian Waffle Sundae. You had us at sundae, Tom. And if we know diners like we think we know diners, this waffle is going to be anything but small.

3. Beauty & Essex (146 Essex Street)

We’ll see your waffle and raise you one. Sweet, sweet, and sweeter happens when you order their Red Velvet Cake Waffle and nothing else in the world matters. The waffle gods have spoken.

4. Eggloo (60 Mulberry Street)


You wouldn’t normally think of Chinatown when you think of waffles. But think again. Fill your head with thoughts of waffle cones on steroids. Wipe that drool and get over there to order the dessert of your waffle dreams.

5. Wafles & Dinges (various locations)

Obviously. There’s a reason Belgians are known for their waffles. So track down the truck and get piling high with decorative wafel goodies. It’s the ultimate pimp waffle station with make your own topping choices. 

Take it to go en route to your next waffle destination. Didn’t you hear? It’s National Waffle Day―you get to have more than one…or five.

6. Buvette (42 Grove Street)

For a somewhat healthier choice at Waffle-fest 2016, head to this little West Village jewel and get an entire berry patch adorning your waffle. It’s so pretty, you’ll almost not want to eat it. Almost.

7. Amy Ruths (113 West 116th Street)

At this Harlem gem, get your waffle with a side of soul. They don’t mess around. Pimp out your waffle with boundless meat choices or even curb a seafood craving. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered what shrimp and waffles would be like, this is the place to make it a reality.

8. Mikey Likes Ice Cream (199 Avenue A)



As do we. This magical East Village spot is where the Pimp-ee becomes the Pimp-er. Order the Mac Daddy or the Daddy Mac– either way, just yes. It's an ice-cream sandwich with waffles, people. ICE-CREAM SANDWICH WITH WAFFLES.

9. Max Brenner (841 Broadway)


You can get hot or cold sandwiches housed on a waffle, sure. But the star item on the menu is deemed the “After Party Belgian Waffle” and that’s all we needed to know. It’s pimped the f*ck up with balsamic strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry honey, and melted white chocolate. UM, what?!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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