Isn't the best part of the summer sipping on cocktails on the terrace of the newest trendy haunt?

Lucky for us, New York City is an ever revolving door of chic, and yummy new spots to check out.

Take your next power lunch to one of these amazing restaurants– a few have been around for a while, but they're def worth the revisit.

We know you're still working on your summer body, but take a break from your 10 minute workout and head on over.

Summer's gonna get whatever body you got.

1. Estate Garden Grill at Ravel Hotel (8-08 Queens Plaza S, Long Island City)


Who doesn't love the best of both worlds? 'Cause we sure do! Enjoy a day out at NYC's largest outdoor restaurant and bar this summer.


Open Wednesday to Sunday from 3 p.m - 10 p.m, this new restaurant will definitely make your IG followers jealous. From a selection of food like seafood, sushi, crudo, an amazing oyster bar, and a drink selection on tap, you won't want to go home. 

2. Mayanoki (620 E 6th St)

Mayanoki's is one of NYC's first sustainable omakase dinners, trust us, this is a pretty big deal. Living in NYC, we just eat what taste and looks good without asking any questions, but at Mayanoki you can watch your meal be prepared right before your very eyes, with a brief history of where each and every ingredient is from. 

The Omakase dinner is a 15 course meal and is priced at $95 per person, so it's definitely a place for special occasions, but you'll leave stuffed. Mayanoki is also only open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 6:30 p.m until 10:30 p.m, so make sure you make a reservation. 

3. &pizza (15 West 28th Street)

With it's unique shape, &pizza is coming to NYC to show us how Washington makes their cheesy favs. We're still gonna be faithful to our dollar pizza spots, but why not try something new? 

You might've already heard of &pizza when they kicked off their opening with free pizza for a whole year to anyone willing to get their company logo (the &) tattooed on themselves. That's some serious commitment. 

With an endless amount of toppings, &pizza is opened all week, from 11 a.m. until 12 a.m., to satisfy your late night cravings.

4. Naoki (311 W 17th Street)


Now Chelsea will be even more packed! We don't mind, just as long as we're getting good service, great food, and lovely vibes.

With a perfect view of their very own Zen garden, Naoki is coming to NYC and it's the perfect place for you. They'll be opening their doors on July 8th and will welcome all of their first timers with desserts and tea only. 

With the Naoki course being only $80, this is a perfect meal to split amongst friends. 

5. Sugar Freak (37-11 30th Ave, Astoria)

Sugar Freak isn't only about sweet treats; you can satisfy your tastebuds with crawfish, Homemade Gumbo, Waffle taco and so many treats you can't get anywhere else in NYC. The restaurant is filled with vintage pieces, from the furniture in the restaurant to the wall paper on the walls. 

Everything from the first spot is at the new, which we love. Sugar Freak is here to give you the best taste of New Orleans that you can get right here in our city. 

6. Public Kitchen (215 Chrystie St)


Ugh! Who doesn't love pizza made in a wood-fired oven?

The one thing everyone in NYC can agree on is that dining on a rooftop overlooking the city we call home is the best. Vongerichten has created this new restaurant using similar style to Smorgasburg, with chef's special twist, of course. 

7. City Acres Market (11 Broadway, Brooklyn)


Not your typical restaurant, or not a restaurant at all, but why not get some cool spices and fresh veggies to wine and dine yo' man?

This market includes fish and cheese monger, a Kosher food section, a salad bar with hot food items, and a butcher with an impressive selection of local meats. Sounds too good to be true? Visit the new location that's opening on July 11th in FiDi.

8. Treadwell Park (1125 1st Ave & 301 South End Ave)


Filled with beer, endless popcorn, and ping pong games, this is adult heaven! 

Forget about your depresso 9-5, and come out and enjoy yourself with great finger foods, and did we mention beer? Known for their giant soft pretzels, foot-long hot dogs, juicy burgers, and wings, Treadwell Park is filled with food our doctors told us to stay away from, but we just can't quit.


With hours from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., this is the perfect spot for a night out with the guys or a fun first date. Check out their new location downtown! 

9. Minnie's (29 Clinton Street)


Minnie's is here to give you a taste of awesome American cuisine with both a Middle Eastern, and a Mediterranean twist! This recently new restaurant is filled with bright natural lighting and sleek and simple decor. 

With gorgeous women all over the restaurant, the owner Millie Stallings says she wanted her restaurant to have personality, and it's exactly what she imagined it to be. You can enjoy interesting dishes from Tuesday to Sunday at 5 p.m until 12 a.m. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]