Get Crackin': 8 Best Things to Cross Off Your Manhattan Bucket List This August

Already completely crossed off everything on your summer bucket list? First off, congrats, you're a trooper.

But, tough break, there's still plenty of bucket list worthy things going down in Manhattan in August.

That means you'll just have to make that bucket list a little bit longer to squeeze in what's going down.

Don't worry, all of these events are definitely worth it.

And if you haven't completed your bucket list, we're #sorrynotsorry for tempting you with these possible new additions.

Get cracking, New Yorkers.

1. Party on a boat


Partying it up on a boat may seem like one of the more glamorous things you can do in Manhattan, but this opportunity is easier to catch than it seems.

All you have to do to get on board HOOCH's Happy Hour boat on August 4th is be a verified member, and if you join with the invite code "spoiled" you can be a verified member for just $1 a month.

You can live the dream and drink on this cruise along the Hudson, all while enjoying 30+ free drinks around the city all month, all thanks to your HOOCH member status.

2. Experience Harlem


If you somehow have yet to head over to Harlem, Harlem Week is the best time to head over for the first time. Harlem Week has something for everyone... seriously.

The lineup for Harlem Week features film festivals, live music, auto shows, and even a career fair for those of you who may be looking for a new line of work.

3. Go to a free concert


Free music is the best music. SummerStage from the City Parks Foundation provides both free, and ticketed events to the public, but of course we're partial to the free events.

From bands, to DJ sets, to dance performances, you'll definitely find something to suit your taste at SummerStage. check out their full calendar of events here.

4. Go to a blacklight party


Sure, blacklight parties are all the rage, but blacklight slides are where it's at. Take a ride down the blacklight slide and cover yourself in some glow powder so you'll shine bright like the diamond you are.

Plus, a ticket to ride this slide grants you access to one pretty awesome after party, getting you more bang for your buck, and more bucket list points you can cross off all at once.

5. Try new foods


If one of your bucket list items is 'try new foods,' get ready to cross that one off. The NYC African Food Festival is a fantastic opportunity for New Yorkers to try new cultural dishes, or indulge in those African classic dishes that they love.

Plus, tickets come for as low as $10. You can expand your horizons for a steal.

6. Get the Broadway experience for free


Didn't win tickets to Hamilton this summer? Don't worry, neither did we. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the magic of Broadway for absolutely no cost at Broadway in Bryant Park.

There's only one left before it's gone for the summer, so make sure you head out to Bryant Park on August 11th, while there's still time.

7. Go to a wine tasting


There's a part of all of us that just really wants to experience a wine tasting. For some, it might be to see if wine tastings are exactly as ridiculous as they seemed in Parks and Recreation, but for others, they just... really like wine.

Eataly's Rosé Tasting is sure to be wine done right, plus a ticket will grant you a reservation at one of their hella exclusive restaurants. They can't just let you wine in style, you have to wine and dine in style.

8. Hit up a theatre festival


We may all love Broadway, but there's more to theatre than Hamilton. The NYC Fringe Festival is a two week long multi-arts festival that highlights the work of emerging playwrights, actors, dancers, and all around performers.

Some of the work showcased at the Fringe Festival went on to make it big on Broadway, Urinetown being one example. Plus Fringe NYC has some notable alums, including Bradley Cooper and Mindy Kaling. Check out the list of shows going up this year and buy tickets on Fringe NYC's website.

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