Life's Always Better On Top! 8 Absolutely Stunning Hotel Rooftops in NYC

Need a staycation? Now's the time for it. 

Because we live in a metropolis (hint: concrete jungle), rooftops are the place to be for some fresh air, sunlight, and plain old relaxation. 

So don't just arbitrarily select a hotel for the perfect spring staycation: choose wisely. 

Choose a hotel with one of the best rooftops in New York City. 

Don't worry, we made your life easy, just choose one of these hotels with absolutely phenomenal rooftops. You're welcome.

Le Parker Meridien (119 West 56th Street)

Le Parker Meridien has one of the most stunning rooftops in NYC. Don't believe us? Try it! You might pay a pretty steep chunk of change for a day pass, but believe us it's more than worth it.


How about swimming a few laps in a rooftop pool enclosed with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park? Not in the mood to get wet? Head outside to their outdoor sundeck to catch some rays or simply take in the sights. 

W New York - Downtown (8 Albany Street)


Who says you gotta get to the top to be on the roof? The point of getting to the roof isn't to see just how high you can get, it's to take in the amazing sights of the city from above. 

So while the W downtown doesn't take you to the tippy top, it still offers absolutely glorious views of the city from the fifth floor terrace. 

It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for those who may or may not have a teensy little fear of heights. 

McCarren Hotel & Pool (160 North 12th Street - Brooklyn)


This upscale hotel in Brooklyn is the perfect place to breathe some fresh air or go for a dip while taking in the beautiful Manhattan skyline in any weather. The rooftop has a retractable roof in case of rain, because, well, April. 


Head out now before the summer hits and the pool becomes too crowded to move. 

Bookmarks at the Library Hotel (299 Madison Avenue)


Want something a bit quieter? Check out Bookmarks at the Library Hotel. Even though it's in the heart of Midtown, this place separates you from the hustle and bustle of the blocked city streets. 

As it's a part of the Library Hotel, Bookmarks continues with the literary theme (context clues), with drinks named after classic novels and book themed decor. Need a drink? Try the "Tequila Mockingbird" or the "Under the Mango Tree." 


Pod 39 Rooftop (145 East 39th Street)


Pod 39 Rooftop is one of the most extraordinary rooftops in NYC. Boom! we said it. It's simple, beautiful, and has more character than most in NYC. 


With beautiful columns and arched walls, this place is impressive. Plus, who could say no to stunning views of NYC? 

Press Lounge Ink48 Hotel (653 11th Avenue)


The Press Lounge is hands down one of the swankiest, most beautiful rooftop lounges in NYC. Hands. Down. 

With luxury cocktails, glass walls, and panoramic views of NYC, it's easy to see why people flock to Press Lounge throughout the year, rain or shine. 

Ganesvoort Park Rooftop (420 Park Avenue South)


Ganesvoort Park Rooftop is the perfect place to spend a staycation in the spring... or any season for that matter. Sit 20 stories above NYC, and take in the phenomenal views of the Empire State Building next to a rooftop fireplace. 


Looking for a little fun? Bring your bathing suit and take a swim in their rooftop pool. Happy hour? Head here on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for buy-one, get-one drink specials and $10 bites. 

Refinery Rooftop at the Refinery Hotel (63 West 38th Street)


How can we end a list of wonderful hotel rooftops without mentioning Refinery Rooftop? It's certainly a gem in the heart of Manhattan. Whether you're heading up for a drink or a bite to eat, Refinery Rooftop offers unbeatable views of the Empire State Building. 

Too cold to head outside yet? Refinery Rooftop has an indoor seating area, an outdoor terrace, or an indoor-outdoor patio with retractable glass roof to choose from. 

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