Bipolar Much? 8 Struggles of Dealing With This Absolutely Crazy NYC Weather

Dealing with winter in New York City is difficult. If we're not being buried under 26.8 inches of snow hurled on us by the clouds, then we're getting perplexed by 70 degree December days.

The worst part? When it starts getting warmer, the snow starts melting, causing rivers of water to pool in intersections. Did you wear snow boots to handle this? You definitely did not.

However, you did know you were going to face inconsistent weather. You knew you'd have to deal with a sunny, yet freezing morning. How'd you know?

Well, because you have Poncho, of course. 

It's the weather app that chats with you like it's your pal.

Poncho is the weather app that chats with you like it's your pal. It sends you GIFs, the daily temperature, information about your commute, and how the weather will undermine your carefully crafted hair.

All this basically means that, yeah, bipolar NYC weather is lame, but since Poncho exists, you don't have to face it alone. Read on to find out what struggles the wildly unpredictable NYC weather forces us to face.

1. Waking up

bumble Sunday nights we sometimes wonder if we are fully okay and doing our part to be decent adults or if we are weekend warrioring too hard, stuck in delayed development. #mom #ComeTakeCareOfUs

In the days before Poncho, you had to deal with the horrible blaring of an iPhone alarm.

Now, you're getting woken up by a pleasant song, cleverly tailored to the weather outside. It'll be blasting throughout your room, and although waking up is a bummer, getting woken up by a happy weather kitty in a yellow raincoat is as good a way as any.


You'll grab your phone and start scrolling. Poncho tells you everything you need to know: what the weather's like outside, whether your train is delayed, and even how the weather will affect your hair.

You pump up the volume on that happy morning song. You're going to jam to this song the entire time you're getting ready. Leaving your bed is the saddest part of your day, but with this happy, sunny song, everything is decidedly more pleasant. 

2. Getting dressed

clubstylista_chi Lol! #morningstruggles

You were told it was sunny, yet freezing out. 

The key here is layers. You know you'll be braving frigid winds to get onto the subway platform, but you'll be boiling the moment you swipe that trusty MetroCard.

Will a cool undershirt topped by a sweater work? It most certainly will. You pull your trusty winter coat on top of that whole ensemble, and grab your gloves, hat, and scarf. 

You are way too prepared for this winter day. It's got nothing on you.

3. Walking to the subway

melissa_dls_ Why!!?? 😭 #morningstruggles

You were wrong. The polar winter day Poncho warned you of does have something on you. Also, it's been what? A week since the blizzard?

Yet, you still have to trudge through dark, icy sludge. No, you didn't wear your winter boots to prepare for this.

Also, your fingers are nothing but freezing nubs, and the sun is all up in your face. 

There is one consolation: you get to the intersection shivering, trying to cross the street to get to the subway, and you're met by a clump of people doing the exact same thing. You're overcome with a feeling of camaraderie for the citizens of NYC. You're all suffering together.

4. Boarding the train

the_pain_jab So true #morningstruggles #mondays #wannagobacktosleep 😴

The feeling of camaraderie didn't last long. You were shoved twice trying to extract your MetroCard from your bag, and you were told to "swipe again" six times.

Your blood is boiling, and the fact that you're wearing a scarf, gloves, hat, and sweater really does not help.

You're sweating and you feel sort of faint, so the moment you arrive on the platform, you rip off all your winter gear and shove it into your bag.

The extreme changes in temperature are hard; shoving yourself onto a way too crowded train is harder.

5. Walking to work

azqueenbe Waking up before the sun is so completely unnatural... Seriously. So dumb. #MorningStruggles #CoffeePlease☕️

Back in the subzero temperatures, you jam your hat back on your head, thrust your gloves back on your hands, and pull your coat over each arm.

You still feel pretty pumped to take on the day, and since you just spent the last half hour trying not to pass out from overheating, the freezing wind actually feels pretty good.

Also, you were warned of this. You were prepared for it. You inhale a deep breath and the icy air feels like a cold glass of water. It's sunny out, the Empire State Building adds an extra layer of icy shade overhead, yet you make your way to work like a baller.

6. Arriving at work

1981_liz_ Need Gum? #MorningStruggles #OnlyAtTheOffice #CoworkersBreathBeLike #MakesMeNauseous

It's hot in your office. Too hot. Whoever is in charge of temperature regulation is obviously petrified of the cold, and they've cranked it.


You pull off your coat before you're even at your desk, and your gloves and hat are off before you can say hello to anyone.

You don't even want a hot coffee. You'd prefer iced coffee in this scorching office. Good thing you wore layers! You pull off your sweater and ease into the day with a cool glass of water.

7. Going to lunch

1n_jen_ The littlest #nope ever. #catsdontlikesnow #awholelottanope #nopery #snownope #catsarefunny #shareableposts #happyfriday #itscoldoutside

You receive a lunchtime weather update from Poncho: it's not going to be as cold out when you head out to grab your daily sandwich at the cafe down the road.

You appreciate the tip, so you throw on your coat, but leave the sweater, gloves, and hat behind.

When you step into the sunny, cold day, you're met with instant relief from the stifling, noxious heat of your office. It's almost... pleasant out here.

The main problem? The snow is melting with haste, and the sidewalk is submerged in a layer of water. Looks like your favorite pair of boots are in trouble.

8. Getting home

tambrynicole Truth. #nola #bipolarweather #louisianaproblems

Work is done. It's time to get the eff out of there. Right in time, Poncho sends a notification to your phone. It's smart like that; it knows when you're leaving work.

Sadly, it's freezing again, so you bundle like you're readying to face the undead of an arctic city. Your weather update informed you that you're train has heavy delays, and you do not feel like wasting a half hour on the subway platform.

You trudge the extra avenue to another train. You're shivering, and you're already counting down the days until winter's over already.

If you are going to face winter in NYC, it's much better to have Poncho on your side. You swipe your way into the station and board a different train with no delays at all. You're whisked underground on a hot train, on your way home, where thankfully, you're the one in charge of the temperature.

For all of your weather update needs, check out the Poncho app right here

[Feature Image Courtesy One and Only Cory] 

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