Upgrade Yo' Drank: 8 Simple Ways to Level-Up Your Wine Game

Summer is finally here, and it’s safe to say New Yorker can agree on one of the best parts of the season: enjoying wine outside. 

But this summer, do you really want to just grab the same old YellowTail for your weekly rooftop gatherings? The thought alone is enough to make anyone bored to tears.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be seriously stepping up your wine game this season, whether it’s choosing a higher quality brand or any variety of wine hacks to make popping a bottle that much better.

Luckily, Bright Cellars is here to help. With Bright Cellars' curated monthly wine subscription, you’ll be exposed to a variety of wines you never even knew you needed in your life. Their goal is to help members discover new wines they’ll love by delivering wines specifically for them right to their door.

With Bright Cellars' curated monthly wine subscription, you’ll be exposed to a variety of wines you never even knew you needed in your life. 

All you have to do is take the Bright Cellars taste palate quiz to reveal your personal wine matches. It’s super easy: you’ll be asked questions like what flavor of chocolate you prefer, how you take your iced tea, your favorite cocktail, etc.

Then, the algorithm scores each wine in their inventory by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Bright Cellars, get 50% off your first shipment, and get to know some of your new favorite wines. And in the meantime, bone up on some other life-changing ways to level up your wine game for summer 2017.

1. Make wine slushies

Who says you can’t embrace your inner child while still enjoying an adult beverage? Simply throw your favorite wine, some fruit, and ice into a blender and get ready to experience wine in an entirely new ( and entirely summery) way.

2. Have it delivered right to your door

With a subscription to Bright Cellars, you’ll receive four unique wines each month that you’re guaranteed to love. If not, your personal Wine Concierge (yes, that’s a real thing) will help you find the perfect replacement bottle; but we doubt that will happen.

What’s more, members get to rate their wine matches each month, helping the wine algorithm (why wasn’t this a thing we studied in math class?) continuously update your taste profile and ensure you’re always receiving wines you love.

3. Chill your wine bottle in just 20 minutes with a simple hack

Say goodbye to the fool you were last year! You know, the one who waited at least an hour for their bottle of white wine to get cold in the fridge.

Try this hack: fill a bucket with ice, cover the ice with cold water, then add two handfuls of salt. Stick your bottle of wine in there and wait 20 minutes for perfectly chilled wine.

4. Pay just a tiny bit more for a bottle and avoid a hangover

The reason why certain wines cost only $5 a bottle is because they contain added sugars —which is what’s going to cause a massive headache the next day.

“Splurging” for even a $15 or $20 bottle ensures a much higher quality of wine, which means zero hangover. Win.

5. Be adventurous at restaurants

It’s tempting to rely on your tried-and-true favorites (especially when a glass of wine costs $13), but you never know what you’ll stumble upon if you branch out a little.

Ask the server what his/her favorite is, or any new wines that they’d recommend.

6. Impress your friends with your wine knowledge

The Wine Concierge Team is what really sets Bright Cellars apart, and with a subscription, you’ll get to experience their expertise first hand.

The team is made up of incredibly educated and knowledgeable wine lovers, and they work thoroughly with each member to ensure that they’re enjoying their experience. 

Your personal Wine Concierge will not only make sure you’re getting your orders, but they’ll also pass along their wine wisdom by helping you adjust your taste profile and suggesting food pairings.

You’re sure to impress your boss at happy hour. If not, they'll at least recognize that you know how to drink. 

7. Display your collection on a wine rack

Even if you can’t afford super-high quality wines, your bottles will still look a thousand times better displayed in a wine rack.

Just don’t let any guests get close enough to notice your Three Buck Chuck.

8. Use frozen grapes as ice cubes

A refreshing glass of chilled wine is one of the best things about summer—but watered down wine is definitely not.

Instead of ice cubes, keep some grapes in the freezer to add to your drink. No watery wine, and you get a wine-soaked treat afterwards. Yum!

Check Out Bright Cellars Right Here & Level-Up Your Wine Experience ASAP! 

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