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8 Prettiest Places to Enjoy This Winter's Snowfall in NYC

Did you hear it's supposed to snow this weekend? Oh, you didn't? Well let us enlighten you.

It's supposed to snow this weekend, and it's supposed to snow so much that the city of New York released a severe weather warning and in a grand display of irony, cancelled the city's ultimate snow day: Winter Jam.

World class predictors are predicting anywhere from 5 to 12 inches of snow starting at around 6 a.m. on Saturday, which is pretty thrilling to us.

Why are we so ecstatic by this news? Why do we plan to fall asleep with our pajamas on inside out on Friday night?

Well, a lot of reasons, but the most extreme reason is how unbelievably stunning the city gets once a blanket of snow has fallen upon it. When it's morning and the snow is still white and fresh and sparkly, and the world feels completely new, there are some really pretty places to look at it.

Check them out below.

1. Randall's Island

randallsisland First #snowfall of the season on #randallsisland! Thanks for coming out and sharing your #winter photo @israelswf. #snow #winterseason #bikelife #cycling #latergram

You've probably heard of Randall's Island because of Governor's Ball, but we promise you it's much more than that.

Okay, so it does have a golf range, mini golf, batting cages, and a beer garden to go with all of that, and we love that about Randall's Island, but that's not why we love it in the snow.


We love that Randall's island is a secret, placid haven off busy, urban East Harlem. It'll just take one stroll down Randall's Island's pathway with the sun glinting off the East River and the sun shining off the snow, and your love for NYC will be completely reinvigorated.

2. Pelham Bay Park

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Okay, so it doesn't take very long for the snowfall in NYC to become a big pile of black slush, slopping down the street.

Which is why a visit to NYC's biggest park, Pelham Bay Park, is an excellent opportunity to experience the fresh snowfall, untouched by dirty human boots, cars, and smog.

See what we're saying? Pelham Bay Park is a 13-mile stretch of sacred, natural bliss, planted in the middle of a busy, crowded, concrete ridden city.

Pelham Bay Park's got some serene nature trails, like the Kazimiroff, and of course Orchard Beach, which is surrounded by salt marshes.

Pelham Bay Park was always gorgeous, but with a fresh sheet of illuminated snowfall, it's never looked better.

3. The High Line

66squarefeet Deserted and wintery High Line #highline #highlinesnow #nycwinter #nyc

The High Line is our favorite. It's the perfect combination of urban and nature, the best juxtaposition of swaying flowers, a view of the Hudson River, and the energy of Chelsea whizzing by below.

Aside from it being super pretty at the High Line, it's also a fun place to hang out. Every time it snows through February 28th, the High Line will host a Snow Sculpt-Off.


Yes, you read that right: a Snow Sculpt-Off, at The Highline, every time it snows until February 28th.

Whoever wins the sculpt-off could win prizes from The Standard, Chelsea Piers, REI, Melt, and more.

In order to participate, just follow The Highline on Twitter, and check after snowstorms. Then, grab your friends and some gloves, and get ready to sculpt snow like you're a famous sculptor.

4. East Village

iloveloopy #tompkinssquarepark #eastvillagesnow

Oh, do we love the East Village in the snow. Maybe we're biased, because to us the East Village is drenched in loving associations. To us, the East Village, with all its eclectic weirdness and fun party people, is the prettiest place in the city even without snow.

Still, when they're a coating of dazzling snow on the ground, ideally coated in a thin layer of ice, it can be downright enchanting.

The street lamps are blazing, all the best restaurants are empty and open for business, and bars are so abandoned it feels like a magical apocalyptic wasteland. So, yeah, the East Village is pretty when it snows.


5. Prospect Park

pigisphoto Feel lucky to have had this on our doorstep for the past year but new adventures await elsewhere. #prospectpark #prospectparksnow #walkswithwiley #abreakfromtheboxes

We're pretty sure Prospect Park is mostly beautiful in the snow because of all the frolicking puppies and playing children we're predicting will flock there.

Really, we mean it, the air will be exploding with kids' laughter and dogs' barks of delight as they chase each other around through the snow.


Prospect Park is a sledding haven, and it's also just a natural haven in general, replete with 526 miles of lakes, trees, grass, and wildlife.

Also, there's free hot chocolate in Prospect Park's Picnic House when it snows, #JustSaying.

6. East River Park

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Yes, East River Park is 57 miles of riverfront property, a rare phenomenon in this trillion dollar city.

The city had a choice when setting aside the land for East River Park. They either could have sold that land to developers for millions, or they could have set it aside as municipal land.

So, they set it aside as municipal land. Go NYC! 

We're all about those bridge views, and we do mean bridge views: this park has a view of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, plus all the trees and plantlife that thrive in the park. It's a pretty great place to experience snowy views.

7. Your bedroom window

reginald_nyc Snowy #fireescape in #eastvillage #alphabetcity #tenement #eastvillagesnow #snowonthefireescape

Let's face it. You probably won't want to leave your apartment much once snow's coated the ground on Saturday (hopefully).

Cue Netflix and stare at the snow falling quietly out your window. Cue that charmed, spellbound feeling that surges through you when you stare into the quiet, blanketed city.


Cue a lot of drinking, and probably a text to the person you've been hooking up with. We hope that person lives close, so they'll come over and experience the snowy views from your bedroom window with you.

8. Gantry Plaza State Park 

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We absolutely have to shout out Gantry Plaza State Park for stunning snowy views.

The views at Gantry Plaza State Park are snowcredible! First of all, it's got that famous neon Pepsi-Cola sign everyone talks about, and seeing that sign sparkled with snow is pretty special. 

Second of all, the river and bridge views are to die for. Third of all, Gantry Plaza State Park has the most stunning view of the Manhattan skyline you can gaze at anywhere.

There are also tons of really fun playgrounds in that park. Remember when we instructed you to release your inner child? This is the perfect time.

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