8 Pieces of Info New Yorkers Wish Were Already on Dating Profiles

Dating is hard.

Sure, it's easy to meet people, but it's a lot harder to determine if the people you meet online are A) real people (not a bot), B) the people they say they are, or C) people that you would actually want to meet IRL. 

BeenVerified is an incredible background check service dedicated to transparency. By running a background check on your online dating match, you can potentially discover what you wouldn't know otherwise about this person.

There's only so much you can know about someone from their dating profile (but oh, how we wish we knew more). 

To learn more about what we don't know, there's BeenVerified

BeenVerified is an incredible background check service dedicated to transparency. By running a background check on your online dating match, you can potentially discover what you wouldn't know otherwise about this person. 

It’s public record info right at your fingertips. 


Many of us can get paranoid wondering whether our next date has a checkered past. And for good reason: There are a lot of singles we would not want to meet in person in New York City! 

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Of course, our love life would be so much better—and easier—if people just had these 8 essential pieces of info on their dating profile already.

1. Results from Polygraph test on what they’re REALLY looking for in a relationship 


If there's anything we hate discovering after the fact, it's that they were disingenuous about what they wanted after a date—especially the way they “advertise” themselves on their profiles.

"Looking for something real." "Tired of playing games." "LTR."


How about we hook them up to a lie detector!? 

2. How convenient it would be for you to get to and from each other’s apartments


Because asking where they live is probably too forward, it's always heartbreaking when you realize they're in Crown Heights and you're in Jackson Heights.

Pro tip: If a commute to their apartment is longer than your commute to work, it might not be worth it.

3. What train they live by


This is almost as important as what borough they live in. You can build a solid relationship around a good subway line, even if the distance isn't lookin' so fresh. 

You. Can. Build.  

4. What streaming services they have accounts for (HBO, Hulu, Amazon, etc.


Inevitably, you're going to chill—Netflix or otherwise. If it works out to the point that you can mix and match with subscriptions you don't already have, more power to you!

But among the least romantic icebreakers, asking straight up, "What streaming services do you use?" is definitely somewhere at the top of the list. But, we're not always smooth. Sometimes you just screw it up.

If you could save yourself from a screw up, wouldn't you?!

5. Stance on gluten 


If they just like being gluten-free for the sake of being gluten-free—to the point that ordering anything in a restaurant or even finding a suitable restaurant is going to be a nightmare—chances are the first date will be awful and you’ll feel your time and money has been wasted. 

6. Favorite pizza spot


Barring no gluten-free tomfoolery, this answer could be make or break. When it comes to the break, it's really just looking out for huge, red flags: Dominos, Papa John's, Pizza Hut (noticing a trend here?).

No respectable New Yorker prefers those chains, ergo, that's not someone you should waste your time or energy with.

Even if they're as vague as "IDK, Whatever Dollar Slice Is Closest," you know you've got a potential keeper.

Finding the best, most amazing dollar slice is something you work hard to find. But having a mutual understanding that any dollar slice is better than any chain B.S. is something you can build from. Together. Over pizza.

7. Whom they voted for


Did they want to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain? Are they a mansplaining Bernie Bro? Do they have a "Hillary For Prison" anything? Did they vote 3rd party because they didn't like settling for the lesser of two evils? Did they vote at all?

You can determine a lot about people from how much they're willing to say about their political leanings unprompted.

Make it a requirement on their dating profile before you ever meet them? That could save you a lot of time and money on cringeworthy dates.

8. Whether they know the proper usage of "who" and "whom"


Okay, so in the previous point, "whom" is certainly one of the most commonly misused examples there is. The media probably won't go into the intricacies of pronouns and the subjects of verbs etc. etc. etc.

But if you can get in a room with someone and ask, "Whom did you vote for?" and they can answer without thinking too long about whether or not you're actually correct (which, to be clear, you are), they're someone you should continue talking to.

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