Heads Up, Folks: 8 Types of People You're Bound to Run Into On NYC's Sidewalks

There are few things us New Yorkers value more than speed and efficiency and when it comes to pounding the pavement, the faster (and more linear) the better. NYC definitely has its downsides – high rents, delayed trains, and all those flights of stairs between you and your apartment – but one of its worst features might just be its sidewalks.

For the most part, everyone manages to adhere to the unspoken rules of sidewalk etiquette, but as with anything, there are always exceptions.

Here are the eight most notorious types of people you've run into – maybe even literally -- on NYC's sidewalks. 

1. The Brat Pack

Mostly observed in tourists and teenagers, the clique is an equally impressive and infuriating formation that stretches four or five overly cheerful people wide. #NotSquadGoals.

2. The Rebel Without a Cause

Possessing a level of confidence we should all aspire to, The Rebel Without A Cause walks completely against the flow of traffic in either direction leading to a split second stand-off of who will move out of the way first. Hint: it's probably not us since we're already where we should be. Something's gotta give.

3. The Speed Bump

Stopped in the middle of the sidewalk for no discernible reason, the Speed Bump forces you to move out of their way but not before you slow down to get around them first. Do us all a favor and pull over.

4. The Emergency Brake

This one starts out promising with a brisk pace until they come to a screeching halt. Then comes the reflex test – are you fast enough to skirt them without crashing into them or slowing down?

5. The Scooter Savages

There aren't any statistics kept on pedestrian-scooter-rider collisions, but we imagine if there were they would be pretty high. Scooter Savages come in multiple forms including adults and kids but whether they're zooming past you from behind you or coming straight at you, it's almost always too close of a call.

7. The Median

The unspoken rule of keeping to the left or right doesn't apply to this brave walker who straddles the middle.

8. The Drifter

Also known as The Zig-Zagger, The Drifter might as well be strolling through Central Park with their calm and non-linear way of cruising.

8. The Phone Zombie

As if there aren't enough reasons to keep your eyes on the sidewalk ahead of you (see 1-7). 

The Phone Zombie has been rendered blissfully unaware of their surroundings by the screen in front of their face.  So you decide to pass them. But then, they drift over so you decide to pass them on the other side. And then they drift over again. Lord give you strength if they drift over a third time.

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